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I bought a used Lionmaster Challenger 6-82694. The engine runs pretty well, but there are a few things I need to take care; like the packing in the smoke unit is toast. But what I did find was something weird and new to me.

I noticed the front power drivers pivot fully to one side of the engine but not to the other side (see included pics).

Here's a pic of full rotation to one side:


And here's the limited rotation to the other side:


This is literally as far as it will go! Has anyone encountered this problem before?

I have to open the engine in order to repack the smoke unit no matter what, but I've never opened up one of these before.

Do any of you out there in "OGRR Land" have experience in taking the boiler shell off of one of these. Your experience would be greatly appreciated!


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@Ted S....

Here's pics of the engine on 031 curve; outside curve both sides of engine:



Here's the inside curve; both sides of the engine:



And an overall pic of the engine:



The engine does "fit" on 031 curve. All the front driver wheels appear to be firmly on top of the rails.

But with the front drivers pivoted to the right of the engine (looking at it head-on shown immediately above) there is absolutely no side-to-side play between the drivers and engine body.


That could very well be a cause (if there is one considering the test done above). I'll know once I open the engine up to repack the smoke unit.


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Well...I figured out the issue with unequal swing of the front power truck.

Looks like this engine was taken apart before. You can see from the pic below, the power truck "stops" are off center; which is why the power truck swings further to one side than the other....


I also know it was "serviced" because:

1. One of the drive rod connections was attached to the wheel 180 degrees off from the center of the wheel. Not sure why the drive rod was removed...the original traction tire (which is in bad shape) is still in place.

2. All 6 screws holding the frame to the shell were loose.

Plus, all the wires were no where near the motor/power truck assembly.

Thanks for all your guys' responses/help!


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