While I love the SF Warbonnet, the clouds in the backdrop are absolutely spectacular. Beautiful job   


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William 1 posted:

So are you saying you’ve been building custom layouts for people for five years.  I thought it was longer than that.  Quite an interesting operation you have going. Keep up the good work!

Actually we've been in business since 1982! This is a custom layout Roger designed in 2012 We've since added a rail-yard service area to this particular layout and have been able to go back several times to photograph. FYI... Roger painted the clouds/backdrop

Fist bump right back at ya, Dorcie!  

Whenever I have visitors at the layout, they are always taken away by Roger's realistic West Texas backdrop.  It is the crown jewel of the layout.

And he painted it with ordinary trim brushes like you would use to paint trim around doors -- no art brushes were used.  He is an an amazing artist!



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