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Hi everyone, happy Friday.  My "front end" comes today from a purchase I made while on vacation on a Rhine river cruise.  Purchased at a toy shop in Colmar, France this is a 1/43 scale model of a modern European tram.  It is all set for track running, with detailed trucks and flanged wheels but alas no power (hand of God power).  It has a full interior and opening doors and hidden hatches in the roof where you can add passengers if you wish.  I am posting the "front end" here but there are some additional pictures if you wish to see more posted on " Buy Anything Cool Today" under the Traditional Toy Trains thread of Nov 12.

Here is the front end (although as RSJB18 said in one post) it could be the tail end as well !!  One operator sits behind that huge glass windscreen and there is no other crew aboard.

French Tram close up front

A slightly longer view of the front end, showing the highly streamlined shape.  Entry for passengers is via two sets of double doors near the center of the unit.

French Tram front +

Hope everyone has a great weekend



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  • French Tram close up front
  • French Tram front +

An Oldie, but Goodie; 611 during a photo run-by near Toccoa GA November 1993:


A member's grandson, Jonah, operating Thomas the Tank Engine with LionChief handheld last Saturday:

TOGA 11.13 TTE 1

Dave's Lionmaster Big Boy #X4040 from last Saturday:

TOGA 11.13 Lionmaster BB

Rick's Legacy Big Boy 4014 operated autonomously by his 15 year old grandson, Jake, last Saturday:

TOGA 11.13 Legacy BB 2

Be safe.


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  • TOGA 11.13 Lionmaster BB
  • TOGA 11.13 TTE 1
  • TOGA 11.13 Legacy BB 2

Well here it is again, F.E.F. and I am late to the party, but here it goes anyway.  Today I have some pre-war American Flyer electric engines.  Two this time, the 0 gauge 1211, an uncatalogued engine from the 1920's and his big brother the 4644 New Haven wide gauge box cab from1928-33.  Shown together just for a size comparison.

Here is my first front end, the American Flyer 1211 from the 1920's.  Uncatalogued but not too plain with the strap headlight and fancy rails.

American Flyer 1211 front view illuminated

Here he is with is train ready to depart the terminal.  The cars are un-numbered lithograph 4 wheel cars from about 1928-29

American Flyer 1211 front view [1920's)

However , just to show the difference between 0 gauge and wide gauge ("standard" gauge in Lionel parlance) here is the 1211 with his "big brother" the American Flyer #4644 New Haven box cab.

American flyer 12ll and 4644 - side view

Here again to show the comparison of size.  Seen like this, the visual impact of wide gauge is easy to see but also in these budget tight times as the depression was on the horizon it is easy to see that the smaller trains could command a price advantage.

American Flyer 1211 and 4644 side view 2

Happy Friday everyone , hope you have a great weekend



Images (4)
  • American Flyer 1211 front view illuminated
  • American Flyer 1211 front view (1920's)
  • American flyer 12ll and 4644 - side view
  • American Flyer 1211 and 4644 side view 2
@coach joe posted:

Paul, that's quite handsom.   I don't recall that paint scheme at all from my 30 years on the sand bar so that must be pre '85.  And I don't recall seeing it offered by any MFR, but I've been out of the new train market for quite some time.

Thanks, Joe. That is a Lionel offering from around 2019. It is an FA cab car. Here is the other end - a C-420. I don’t remember what they called it, but my little consist (including 2 21” passenger cars), is supposed to represent the short trains taking people out to the east end.



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