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The LC Thomas with the Clarabel and Annie passenger cars have been a huge hit with visitors to our clubhouse's permanent layout:

6.25 Thomas 3 [4)6.25 Thomas 2 [2)

The recently acquired LIONEL TMCC Northern Pacific Loewy liveried F-3 ABAs:

6.25 NP NCL 46.25 NP NCL 2 [2)

(If only the owner would finish those NP NCL passenger cars.)

Celebrate FREEDOM!

Happy 4th!

NOTE:  Click on images to view full size.


Images (4)
  • 6.25 NP NCL 2 (2)
  • 6.25 NP NCL 4
  • 6.25 Thomas 2 (2)
  • 6.25 Thomas 3 (4)

Thank you, Scott. Nice front end of your VW bus! 👍

Were you a hippy up in Mendocino back in the early 1970s?

Hey Vern, well I wasn't much of a hippy, but I did have a freak flag! I didn't own a VW Combi Bus, but I did own a '65 VW Beetle. Then I got rid of the VW and bought this '71 GTO with a Ram Air stage IV 400 manual 4 speed in 1973, and sold it in 1982. I should not have sold it, Goats are worth a small fortune today! There is more to the story, but that's for another time and place.

Enough of that, here's my rather late FeF! Happy Friday everyone, and have a great 4th of July weekend.


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  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1

Going a little "Off the Reservation" this Friday , with a clockwork floor train

Made by ZAX in Italy , I have only seen/heard one other in a book I was referred to ... Made of Bakelite on a strong chassis .. built like a tank and nearly 3 feet long

Anyhow just to keep things Kosher and not get kicked off ... here's some Karl Bub

Last Saturday we spent some time at Dr. Jack Fishers home and this FEF, these are some pictures of his amazing O gauge layout, I always love visiting Jack. Also, the TCA Group of 38 folks visited our layouts, both Jacks layout and my layout were on the tours. We had a lot of Fun. One picture is me on the Bus. Happy Railroading Everyone 697C7974-844E-410B-88C3-DDFA9E17295E33E3E560-0088-45A9-99DD-2EC03456F85E0B0A3C06-7633-4335-B703-E683C1F7CD208E6DBE32-568C-4939-8775-1B33281B9670


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  • 697C7974-844E-410B-88C3-DDFA9E17295E
  • 33E3E560-0088-45A9-99DD-2EC03456F85E
  • 0B0A3C06-7633-4335-B703-E683C1F7CD20
  • 8E6DBE32-568C-4939-8775-1B33281B9670

Happy Front End Friday, indeed!  This monster showed up right before the 4th of July holiday.  It is a 3rd Rail Virginian Class AG 2-6-6-6 ("Blue Ridge", as they were called on the VGN -- essentially a copy of C & O's Allegheny also built by Lima).  It is a 20+ year old model which originally had QSI sound and conventional control but was sent to Bruk Bannister for conversion to full Legacy using the sounds from Lionel's most recent Legacy Allegheny (2018).  Bruk did a bunch of repairs and even fabbed a missing detail part, added whistle steam and designed custom 3D printed funnels for the engine, drilled holes in the firebox doors to add firebox glow, etc.  It is essentially a Legacy engine.

Bruk also worked with me to weather this beast.  I sent him various prototype pictures of the typical dirt and grime seen on the Virginian and we discussed this in detail as he proceeded to weather the model.

Pictures here are by Bruk.  I can't recommend him highly enough for his attention to detail and execution on this challenging project.  If you have a unique project like this one in mind, don't hesitate.

As my layout is currently taken down right now due to basement renovation, I have no way to demonstrate the Legacy conversion at this time.  This engine deserves its own post -- hopefully not too far in the future.



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