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Here are my ends of the front kind for this fine Friday!

The firemen always enjoy educating the younguns about fire safety and showing off their apparatus.  Engine 5 has just returned from a call as Olivia and her little brother Oliver ask Lt. Rakestraw a litany of questions. 33D65135-0160-4C25-B7D1-14E7063B494C

Slim Cratchet has just backed in.  He loves his weekend cabin in the woods!  4C6D0852-A9E8-4667-B8E6-F982D5FE8E0E

A Pennsy A5 rounds the bend. 5CE590B5-A468-4731-BFC8-2EDD2F8B5B85


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  • 4C6D0852-A9E8-4667-B8E6-F982D5FE8E0E
  • 5CE590B5-A468-4731-BFC8-2EDD2F8B5B85
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3rail - beautiful UP F-3, I have "captured" some Lionel UP Alco's but never the big F'unit.  Great picture.  Robert S.Butler - great photo and great story.  Thanks for posting. RSJB- great picture with the Rutland waiting in the hole.  Is that the famous Lionel 6452 short gondola from 1948-49 in the foreground?

Well today, it being a hot Friday in Texas with temperatures well in excess of 100 deg I have retreated to the train room to see if I could find something new for today.  What I "discovered" high on a storage shelf where it has sat for likely 10 years or more is a Japanese tin toy that I purchased when I was with the Air Force and made several trips to Japan. It may be a track toy, it certainly has flanged wheels but the gauge is 1 3/4" or "G" gauge rather than "O". The box is labeled "Battery Locomotive with Head Light" and the trade mark is "TN" inside a diamond with the words Tokyo, Japan on the sides of the diamond.

First here are some views of the box.  Sometimes, just like with all types of toy trains, the box is the most impressive part! Here is the top and side of the box, note that the artwork on the side of the box depicts a train route that is clearly traversing the United States including the Rocky Mountains and not Japan.

Japanese Battery Loco box topJapanese Battery Loco box side

Here is the F.E.F. view of the locomotive.  It is all a metal stamping with little to no plastic on the boiler or cab area.  The rivet detail is good as well as details on the pilot.

Japanese Battery Loco engine front

Here is the front quarter view.  One disappointing feature is that the slide valve gear, main rod and connecting rods are all plastic.  Almost everything else is either stamped or cast metal.  Great rivet detail though.

Japanese Battery Loco engine front quarter

Here is the side view, the switch on top of the boiler is the start/stop switch-remember this is battery powered - it uses 2 "D" size batteries.  It has no reverse.  The engine number under the cab window is "123".  You can see the engine is a 2-6-0 with the 1st and 2nd pair of the drivers blind and considerably higher than driver #3 and a traction tire on driver #3.  The loco is 9 1/2 " long, 3 1/4" high from the track, and 2 1/2" wide.

Japanese Battery Loco engine side

Well there you are, a Japanese Floor (or track?) toy from about the 1980's.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.

Best Wishes



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  • Japanese Battery Loco box top
  • Japanese Battery Loco box side
  • Japanese Battery Loco engine front
  • Japanese Battery Loco engine front quarter
  • Japanese Battery Loco engine side
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3rail - beautiful UP F-3, I have "captured" some Lionel UP Alco's but never the big F'unit.  Great picture.  Robert S.Butler - great photo and great story.  Thanks for posting. RSJB- great picture with the Rutland waiting in the hole.  Is that the famous Lionel 6452 short gondola from 1948-49 in the foreground?

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.

Best Wishes


It may well be Don. I bought this one and 2 longer NYC's of dabay a while back. Never really looked into the origin of the cars but now that you mentioned it, I will.


97B58010-9DD9-459D-A9F1-2420A56C30C9@Don McErlean, I totally agree, 3Rail Donald has a beautiful layout and the F3 UP diesel and passenger train, and awesome video to. Now, I love that older G Gauge Steamer, beautiful picture on the box top, Wow…. Today, I’ve been putting up more Tin Advertising plates around my layout, to me it’s fronts of interesting kinds, Happy Railroading Everyone BA5AB380-BB31-496F-989A-17F900441B1784A19494-0EA6-450F-B8CC-9203129A3886C855F7D1-0E74-4D37-B618-7FB9FB4829A2DA4642FA-9B3E-429D-83A1-2B4E2815D89F25CF4FF6-DD89-4903-88FA-50BCC4272CC2B024F2BE-3C31-4D29-9A33-2A5F9574D146D43B4D32-C430-4930-8385-5D6956411DA395060DBB-D70C-45FA-A400-8AC354FC8D21A3793BB2-ADEE-458F-994F-351403D3B356FE28569A-7A8F-415E-B6DE-3312B0266E1A0ED2DB29-4940-4B52-A7E1-70D67A323705


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  • D43B4D32-C430-4930-8385-5D6956411DA3
  • 95060DBB-D70C-45FA-A400-8AC354FC8D21
  • A3793BB2-ADEE-458F-994F-351403D3B356
  • FE28569A-7A8F-415E-B6DE-3312B0266E1A
  • 0ED2DB29-4940-4B52-A7E1-70D67A323705
  • 97B58010-9DD9-459D-A9F1-2420A56C30C9
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I ran some trains today and had several Front End Friday opportunities. An New Haven FA FB are set to pull out of scranton with a mixed freight consist while the F3 A-B-A Ontario and Western units have a coal drag to move.  Second set of pictures and a NEw Haven DL-109 with a heavyweight passenger consist and it has met New Haven Mountain type 3301 on the bend by Maybrook in front of the Locko Beer Company where they brew my brothers favorite beer, Howie Beer.ff2ff1ff3


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  • ff1
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Getting late out here on the west coast so I thought I better post for FeF. Here's Santa Fe F3's and Western Pacific F7 getting ready for their nightly runs. I think the only place SF and WP might have been on parallel tracks would have been Oakland, CA. As far as I know only Southern Pacific had trains leaving San Francisco, all the other carriers picked up freight and passengers from Oakland. So passengers leaving from SF meant a ferry ride across the bay to Oakland to catch east bound and southbound passenger service. It's sort of similar today with Amtrak, the train stops in Emeryville (nearby to Oakland) then a bus ride across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco.

Happy Friday everyone!


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Coach, Thanks for your comment and the answer to your question is BridgeBoss owned by Jim Robinson.  He usually attends York.

You give him the design location and measurements for your El and he makes up a detailed set of instructions for installation.  I like the appearance and profile.   See  the pics. One of the pics is not showing, click on it below.

Mock up 3BB 5.


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  • Mock up 3
  • BB 5
  • Jim 4
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@rjsmithindy posted:

TGIFEF everyone!  I picked up my dealer exclusive black & gold Monon F-3 from forum sponsor Mr Muffins Trains last weekend to go with my other red & gray version - also a previous dealer exclusive from the same dealer.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Very nice!

I'm driving up tomorrow to Atlanta to pick-up mine. I ended up pre-ordering all five units that @MrMuffin'sTrains had produced.

Happy Front end Friday to all, beautiful pictures, beautiful layouts, today I’m headed to the LCCA National Convention in Music City, Nashville. Will attend the Lionel Seminar, Wow, hope to learn a lot of new information. Today’s pictures are from my last evening visit with Dr. Jack Fisher…..pictured Larry, Jack,C David Elliott.. Happy Railroading Everyone



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