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Wow that unit is gorgious. In my opoinion, that's the best custom run Berwyn's has done to date!

Yes very pleased.  I have the non powered A unit also just not pictured and will run them later tonight with some IC freight.   They had available two powered A units different road number and the non powered A unit just for awareness.   I just went with an AA consist.

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Ever take a close up photo, put it on the forum, then when you see it, you discover something that you should have caught BEFORE you took the photo? Anyway, in the previous photo of my Lionel Santa Fe GP30, the right side railing was out of its front stanchion and looks terrible. So, I tried to straighten the wire railing a little with small needle-nose pliers, but scratched the paint placing and holding it briefly with a tiny droplet of ZAP A Gap in the front stanchion. It looks a little better, but now I have to find some Santa Fe Yellow paint and touch it up. Maybe I should have left it alone. Oh well.



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Well hello F.E.F. fans, today I thought I would switch to what is perhaps a lessor known brand of toy trains.  Haffner...Mr. Hafner after he split with W.Coleman of American Flyer initiated his own brand of toys.  He passed away in the early 40's but the company was taken over by his son and run successfully until about 1956 when he sold out to Wyandotte Toys.  IAW the original Mr. Hafner's philosophy, they never made electric trains...Mr. Hafner felt that electric trains were too expensive to be a toy.  So clockwork it was and was until the end.

Since we are at our vacation place, here are some pictures from my "summer porch" layout featuring the Hafner 1010 streamlined loco and some of his "streamlined" freight cars.

Here is the "mighty" Hafner 1010 streamlined steamer.  OBTW in a late interview, Hafner's son told the interviewer that they often used the number 1010 because that was the street address of their factory in Chicago!!

Hafner Loco 1

Front end close up.  Note fixed key, a Hafner characteristic because he felt that young children were always losing the key and hence missing out on he fixed the key to the motor.

Hafner Loco 2

Here is the full train, with the "streamlined" auto box car and caboose.  Please note the spectacular scenery on the "summer porch" layout...a frozen lake in the middle of a freshly covered by snow meadow.

Hafner Train 1

Here is the original box for the loco.  This fellow was likely postwar and would have been in the early 50's.  Hafner made this style of loco beginning in 1938 and it remained in the line until about 1954 , just before the Wyandotte take over.

Hafner Train 4 box

Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes



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@tnkMarx: That's a great Marx 999 you've got there. If I'm not mistaken, that's got the closed-spoke pilot that's really hard to find. Cool to see one up close like that!

For today's Front End Friday, how about a trio of Baldwin DR6s? We have from right to left: my Central New Jersey FM conversion, an unpainted/unbuild cab from a kit and a jumbo-sized, 1:32 scale version of the same that I'm making for a friend. (I did a full report on the CNJ DR6 just last week if you'd like to take a look!)

G or STD Scale DR6 [2)


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This thread has run so long, I don't know if this is a repost or not????

One thing I do know is that this photo goes back to the OLD Paradise and Pacific Layout that was demolished in 2010 in preparation to move into our new building in 2011.  I have fond memories of operating on that layout, but the new layout and building is such a vast improvement for both operators and visitors!



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Here is a little quiz for FEF! ....

What is this fine fellow ? ( spoiler alert its down below lol)

This is the front of a German Technofix Rangierbahn set from 1937 .... the set comes with the little loco and 3 long sections of track , the loco has a clever automatic reversing mechanism where the drive wheels move to opposite sides of the main drive cog , pushed by a little trip point in the tracks , so it will shuttle back and forth along the straight rail until the wind runs out ...

Finding the locos is not too hard , but the tracks are a different matter as once bent or stepped on they become useless, and time and tide has eaten many ... In over 10 years of searching for just tracks I have only found 2 complete sets of just tracks.

( I did find an ebay seller in the US many years ago who had three sets of just the track and didn't know what they were, but flat out refused to sell them to me as they wouldn't post internationally lol ... whyyyy dear lord whyyyyy?)

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