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Now, it’s -3 degrees here in Clarksville Tennessee and that’s Cold, but the trains must keep moving. It’s snowing here, and it’s beginning to look and feel like Christmas. Happy FEF Everyone. It’s a great day to work on our model railroads… @Lionelskii, John,  I love that tinplate scene, beautiful locomotive, a Wow. Happy Railroading Everyone 5FDF8BF8-B11D-4E46-8039-C04901F4AC8BFEB45982-28FB-48F3-987E-B18119C3BE156B23B2F1-9267-4B4D-BD18-365B0B70645B23FE6F4D-FC61-49A4-A9B5-E00AA21684FB1B60F9C7-ED2D-45F1-8104-C002C8AD7794A63085A3-54D9-408C-B64A-5B63A6E492AC1ADE93D5-BEBB-4A0E-90C0-79BDB20EA02F


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  • 5FDF8BF8-B11D-4E46-8039-C04901F4AC8B
  • FEB45982-28FB-48F3-987E-B18119C3BE15
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Well its late on Friday and we are on the East Coast in Georgia so I am pulling from my archive as I am separated from the collection by 1125 miles.  If you have seen some of these before, I am sorry, its the best I can do considering the circumstances.

Great pictures everyone, I really enjoyed this Friday before Christmas. Here is wishing all a very Happy Holiday and the very best in the New Year.  Here are some vintage "front ends" to add to your nostalgic Christmas album.  

An American Flyer 3110 up close in front.  The green and red livery is in celebration of Christmas (only kidding!)

AF 3110 front close

An American Flyer Type X no 3308 from 1932

AF Type X #3308 1932 front

An American Flyer steeple cab # 1211

American Flyer 1211 front view

A Dressler clockwork and HWN coaches from the 1950's

Dressler Loco

A KLINE MP-15 from the 1980's

EMD Switcher 1

Happy Friday everyone and all the best for the holiday season



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  • AF 3110 front close
  • AF Type X #3308 1932 front
  • American Flyer 1211 front view
  • Dressler Loco
  • EMD Switcher 1
@TrainBub posted:

Happy FEF, last one for 2022.

SP GS6 4460 at Natl. Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood Mo.

my MTH SP GS2 sitting idle in my little “empire”C447D0BA-ECEF-4871-A060-AD3F7D7C559BCheers 🙂

Trainbub, nice pics, love the GS series! Very cool to see an MTH version. Here's my GS locos side by side, these are Lionel.

Western Pacific 485 GS-64 and Southern Pacific Daylight GS-2 4415. So, SP 4460 a GS-6, and WP 485 GS-64 were built in the same batch at LIMA during WWII. There are a few differences between SP and WP as the SP version had some Patented designs, so WP had to go with more generic components.

Lots of great photos this FEF, thanks and Happy New Year to you all!


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I think most folks here are familiar with Pennsy's Torpedo, a fully shrouded K4.  The shroud was added in 1936 to modernize the Broadway Limited passenger train.  Some of the shrouds were removed during WWII for easier maintenance and not reinstalled, and that is how my Weaver model here looks.


The Pennsy had four other K4s that were streamlined to a lessor degree so they could be maintained easier.  Many considered these streamlined engines to be better looking than the Torpedo.  Here is my Williams model.


There was one other engine that received streamling along the boiler top, or a "skyline" casing, but no other streamlining.  Do not have a picture of this one I can post.

All streamlining on these engines were removed around 1950.


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Well here I am some 12 hrs late, as its noon on Saturday.  However I could not let the last F.E.F. of 2022 go without a post.  So today I have some Hafner locomotives for you.  These are all clockwork, Mr. Hafner did not believe in electric trains (too expensive to be toys he believed).  So here we go down through the years.

Here is a Hafner 1100 steamer from the 1930's.

Hafner 1100 loco front quarter view

Two Hafner 1010's from 1938 through the early 1950's.  One rather plain just black and some silver painted accents.  The other a more top end version, red and chrome.

Hafner Loco 1Hafner 1010 Red loco front

Finally a very late Hafner (Wyandotte at this point) 2000 steamer from about 1956

Hafner 2000 front

Well I guess better late than never...and of course 2022 is just about gone forever so I had to try and make it.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and very successful New Year



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  • Hafner 1100 loco front quarter view
  • Hafner Loco 1
  • Hafner 1010 Red loco front
  • Hafner 2000 front

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