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Long Island Rail Road B-6sb #170 is a recent acquisition bought from Forum Sponsor Trainz. The model is MTH Railking Imperial 30-1710-1 delivered in 2017 with PS3 at MSRP $449.95. Photos and video show it on the back straight of my 10’-by-5’ layout behind the Idaho Hotel and approaching the southwest junction.




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  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_13_LIRR_170_10X5_WEST_FEF
  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_15_LIRR_170_10X5_WEST_FEF
  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_18_LIRR_170_10X5_WEST_FEF
  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_19_IDAHO_HOTEL_10X5_FEF
  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_23_LIRR_170_10X5_JCT_FEF
  • MELGAR5_2023_1208_25_LIRR_170_10X5_LHFD_FEF
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Well I admit it, F.E.F. came up fast for me this week, I was traveling home from a Holiday Visit with East Coast family (Georgia).  However when I arrived late last night, this gal was waiting in her delivery box- a late Christmas present to me (from me!).  She is a bit dirty, needs maintenance, and a thorough cleaning and likely some electrical wiring repairs, but all that is for another day ( this is a 2024 project).  So here she is:

She is a 1925-1926 Lionel #253 electric.  She came with "Outfit 98" Passenger and "Outfit 95" freight.  These contained - ( outfit 95) - 2 #820 Boxcars, #821 Cattle Car, & #822 Caboose.  (for outfit 98) - 2 early #610 Pullmans and an early #612 observation.

She is fully identified with the 1925-1926 configuration including details of the type 4b motor and type 1 flag holder.  The only item not matching the "book" description is that she should have brass roof handrails and hers are nickel, otherwise she matches the stated configuration exactly.  She needs a thorough cleaning (for which I have to take her apart) and some of the wiring (old fashioned cloth insulation) needs to be replaced but that will come later.  For now, she just compliments my loco collection.  At between 98 and 99 years old, she seems in really good condition. The color is listed as "dark green" .

Here is the full "Front End Friday" view.  Note the manual reverse lever on the lower left side and the type 1s couplers with both the latch and tab/slot capability.

Lionel dk green 253 front

Here is a front quarter view, showing 2 "strap" type headlights, the type 1 flag holders, the reverse lever, and the brass inserts and brass/black number / name plates.

Lionel dk green 253 front quarter

Here you see her (likely incorrect) nickel roof hand rails (although they appear factory made - so are likely an aftermarket purchase).  In addition you can make out her cast, red spokes on the drive wheels. OBTW, the nickel journals are correct to the period, its just the roof handrails that are wrong.

Lionel dk green 253 side view

Well Front End Friday fans, that's my post for today...she is complete, nearly exact for configuration, 98 years old, gives every likelihood of being operable.  I am excited as her purchase price was very modest.

Happy New Year



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  • Lionel dk green 253 front
  • Lionel dk green 253 front quarter
  • Lionel dk green 253 side view

My front end for today - a cold and snowy Friday, January 19th, 2024 - is Pennsylvania #5740, a G-5s 4-6-0 locomotive. #5740 is on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and, with a tractive effort of 41,328 pounds, is considered to be the most powerful Ten-Wheeler ever built. The model is by MTH Premier (20-3031-1) and was delivered in March 1999 with PS1 at MSRP $699.95. So, I have been running this engine for almost 25 years (hard to believe). It has one of the highest running-times of any engine that I own. MTH made a quality product...

In the video, there is another locomotive stopped on the track to the left of the one on which #5740 is running. That is Long Island Rail Road G-5s #21, a sister engine that the PRR built for its LIRR subsidiary in 1924.




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  • MELGAR_2023_1213_13_PRR_5740_12X8_THRU_BRIDGE_FEF
  • MELGAR_2023_1213_21_PRR_5740_12X8_NORTHEAST_FEF
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Here are a couple of "foreign" front ends for today.  Both from the pw period, late 40's early 50's and both by "Brimtoy" of the United Kingdom.

First the "Britannia" steamer

Brimtoy Britannia front viewBrimtoy Britannia front quarter view

Next the "Wells Brimtoy" Silver Streak.

Brimtoy SS 2Brimtoy SS 1

Happy F.E.F. to everyone.  No snow here in central Texas but very unusual COLD...temperatures well below freezing and way below our normal temps.  Note...I was rewarded last weekend with frozen and then broken water pipes...What a Circus!!

Best Wishes



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  • Brimtoy Britannia front view
  • Brimtoy Britannia front quarter view
  • Brimtoy SS 2
  • Brimtoy SS 1
@leapinlarry posted:

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post some locomotives and diesels on this very uniquely interesting subject, Front End Friday. Beautiful pictures everyone. For those in freezing and icy conditions, or flooding areas, you All are in our prayers. Happy Railroading Everyone… IMG_0646IMG_0638

Great FEF display as always Larry.  ........

.........and what a fun area you still have to run trains in.     Amazing layout . 

Here are a couple of "foreign" front ends for today.           First the "Britannia" steamer

Brimtoy Britannia front quarter view

Next the "Wells Brimtoy" Silver Streak.

Brimtoy SS 1

Happy F.E.F. to everyone.  No snow here in central Texas but very unusual COLD...temperatures well below freezing and way below our normal temps.  Note...I was rewarded last weekend with frozen and then broken water pipes...What a Circus!!

Always a delight seeing your unique models Don.

Hope you didn't have too much damage to the water pipes .

Over here the 10 inches of snow is insulating the water pipes from the 10 degree air temp this morning..

God speed sir.

Happy Front End Friday everyone! This week I'm running some New York Central steamers on my layout. On the outer mainline, I'm running my big MTH 763e gray Hudson, my biggest technically-tinplate locomotive.


On the inner mainline, one of my few "shelf queens": a Lionel TMCC Mikado. It's a very pretty engine but has the early Odyssey speed control that doesn't work well. (Someday I'll get around to a Cruise Commander upgrade for this.)


Here's the obligatory video from my layout.


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  • IMG_20240126_051517356

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