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Took a tour of Union Station K C MO yesterday.


Union Station KC MO mid 1930's.  For a 2 year period these 2 trains arrived and departed daily from KCMO. 

           OPKKS RR

The Transcontinental RR 

     "Tryin ta git it rite"

part of the D Reg U Latd Co


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I've  been lerking and have been enjoying the posts. Unfortunately feels like a century since Ive touched my layout. So I post this since I coordinated the vehicle and display support for a local communities Armed Force day event. Yes Humvee is mine. 


LMS Pic 9


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Norfolk Southern Executive Train Power.

Three Pennsylvania RR F3s purchased on a closeout sale and repainted/redecorated as NS.  I read somewhere(?) that Norfolk Southern Shops re-engineered the real Engines from freight for passenger running speed, and installed steam generators. Perhaps someone has better info.




A&Y RY[NC's Southern/N&W connector].


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Good evening, this a Pennsy M1A waiting for the commuter train to pass on the outer track crossing over to the inner track on a cold morning.

Wanted to throw that in there before someone notice that the points on the switch is position in the diverging direction.

Have a good evening !!!!!

Mark Strittmatter


Indiana, PA 


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c.sam posted:

Southern freight in the Tuxedo scheme (Atlas)



Can't count the number of times I switched between the 6, M, N, and R subway lines at Canal Street over the years, but never knew I could pick up the Southern there    Sorry... couldn't resist!!!


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