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Happy F. E. F. !

A repeat but fleshed out a bit. This is The Park Special, #47-48 idling at Victor, Id, the end of the branch from Pocatello:


I thought to consult my 1962 UP timetable:


The Park Special departed Pocatello at 12:55AM and arrived in Victor at 7:30AM. The train idled all day and departed Victor at 8:15PM arriving back in Pocatello at 2:05Am.

We took that ride Summer '61, '62, '63 and '64, IIRC Pullman each trip. Rental car was waiting in Victor and we drove over the pass into Jackson and thence to Grand Teton and Yellowstone NP. Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.



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Some initial wiring/running tests on my new addition:



Below, on the Old Side; class yard "re-positioned" a bit (it's...flex-track!). The hole in the sky will get some treatment, one day, as well as a class yard ground cover re-do.

Loco is an early Wms scale FA-1, custom painted (by me) for GM&O; TAS TMCC - no cruise. Of course, WBB has since offered these already done in GM&O, and ERR Cruise Commander is now around. Gee, thanx a bunch - especially as this is only one-third of an ABA set, both A's powered. 


There will ultimately be a bayou in the pink foam under that Lionel lift bridge (beautiful piece, and works well), and blue backdrops all around.



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Well, better late than never, Great Front End Pictures the last few days from everyone, Mark Strittmatter, nice PA Locomotive line up and super nice wall display in the background, Trumptrain, your layout is so colorful and packed with neat scenes, great motive power, RSJB18 Bob, Great Set Of steamers and Diesels and nice track plan, Bar GP7 #63 your layout is truly a work of art, Nicely weathered Diesels and great ballast and trackwork with grassy spotting, Randy Harrison- Your Pictures are Awesome and bring back fond memories of past gone by, Briansilvermustang, your pictures of models and Real trains are Fantastic, Bill T, I love our train room, GE EVO and your layout, Ted W, Wow, Great Pictures Of the real Burlington Northern Passenger train and of course, The Sante Fe Passenger trains....Rattler21, Thank You for your contributions to, your pictures are very nice...Thank You all for sharing your time and talents on Front End Friday, this is a day to relax......F6724F77-AE25-4199-8275-A613D2732B12FF34FFA4-E255-48EC-8CF7-FB43548BA2D8F79CE07B-74AA-403C-B267-9DC1CB3927330B614111-D2A3-4278-889F-FCEC9A12C54845498E52-0D63-4FF1-8A5D-8614DFD625CEE8FFD2DD-0E72-4FB5-BD86-5A7EA470AC1078598F63-6BBF-4739-9943-9DD069845461


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