TedW posted:

FEF for today


That's pretty cool, where did you find that?


  Oh, and one from Suzukovich's layout!      Cant believe you actually put those BNSF units on my layout when I wasn't looking. 



Day late FEF




US Army retired

Suncoast Regional Coordinator 

First Florida  Chapter of the MVPA HAZMAT SME(RID,DOD,IATA,ADR,CFR 49)  



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Our new Club Business Card photo - 1950 773 Hudson at one of our rural stations

SMMR bc cover

     The Smoky Mountain Model Railroad Club          11 Bison Way,  Clyde, NC 28721

opening soon.....


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coach joe posted:

Hey Mike, is that first Lego Gantry crane the black one or the green one?  I've got a green one but often see a picture of a black one on e-bay but didn't know if they actually made it in black.

Both cranes are the green ones.    Lego has made those supports in different colors.     


  TCA 15-71227

  1970-1985 Lionel General Mills Era.

Moonson posted:

Some favorites from my eastern stable...IMG_1946

FrankM, Moon Township, USA

FrankM, just curious, with your skill and expertise at finishing details, why you chose not to finish your bridges. I think they are stainless, so perhaps thats the reason?  Ted

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