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Ends of the front kind for this fine Friday!   I took these photos many years ago ( 2014 ? ) at the Virginia Transportation Museum in Roanoke.  This was the first time I had ever seen the N&W J class 611.  It was kind of an emotional moment seeing the prototype of the toy J class which appeared in the 1959 Lionel catalogue.     Of course this photo is before she was restored.  The other photo is the N&W class A. IMG_0053

N&W class A fullsizeoutput_772

Class J builders plate.fullsizeoutput_774


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Hello F.E.F fans, well its Friday again and sunny but cool (40's) here in Texas.  Today I have the mighty front end of the Lionel 259E 2-4-2 locomotive in Gunmetal grey.  It dates from 1936-1940 .  She pulls the 2689 TX tender also in gunmetal grey but without a whistle (mine anyway).  She has illuminated number boards, marker lights, and headlight and (you can't see this in the picture) a red "glow" from the stack.

Here she is, ready to move out with the mid morning cattle delivery from Waco ranches up to the meat market in Ft. Worth.  100 miles of nearly straight track and almost fully flat.  Its still there today and in use by BNSF and UP who share.

Lionel 259E

Here is a short video of her pulling her short cattle train.  The cars are of the same vintage as the loco.  The consist is:

1.Lionel 656 cattle car Grey / Red with nickel journals from 1935-1939

2. Lionel 656 cattle car Orange / tuscan roof, blackened journals from 1939-1940

3.Lionel 657 caboose Red / white trim / tuscan roof and copula from 1941.

You know, people tell us that cattle "smell"...well they are folks here "they smell like MONEY"!

Well that's it for me today.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Keep healthy !



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  • Lionel 259E
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Lionel 259 Video

Miggy,  now that’s a really cool tunnel under the mountain, and the trains coming through easily,  DG Dudley, those are awesome diesels, all very colorful, RSJB18 Bob, I love that New Haven orange, wow, Lee Drennen, your our trucking friend and I like that diesel, UP yellow, really nice, Don Winslow, You’ve set the stage with that gorgeous Tucson GG1 passenger train rounding the curve of your nice layout, Trumptrain, my friend, You’ve taken the cake with that Real N&W Steamer, that’s a great museum, Wow!!! , Ok, my friend Don McErlean, again, something old for Our review, the 259e is a fantastic steamer and the old tinplate Station is awesome, glad your weather is better, ours is to, here in middle Tennessee... (Great Flick), humor..Berkshire 726, your layout of the 1950’s and beyond is very appealing, 3 levels of fun, UP FA units, Virginian Rectifier and the steamer that could, all looking good.  Amfleet 25124, awesome scene of the beautiful Acela... Wow.... Today, just a few locomotives outside the turntable area, Happy Railroading Everyone...AA86BE4D-509B-44CA-AA95-2B15A479D4E5D71C4A83-9AA4-410D-B929-E810327C9E46A56FA3A7-6EA2-4969-9040-36A7AF0804AFCF6756F2-F9A7-481A-B0C1-F6C343B41E090A7DB11E-36ED-4107-9E3E-CE81F4EA5D59625C29C0-A648-40F4-909E-DE9CA2404D38


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Thanks Mike g., and everyone for the kind comments, and I apologize for calling Miggy, muggy, so it’s been corrected. Stay safe, stay healthy, pray continually. Happy Railroading Everyone FE8B3EDF-AF39-4201-8F76-F541D010A32B

Loving those photos Leaping larry.. "That Big Boy Nose enters the curve 5 minutes before the bolts on the Boiler Plate!!"

Muggy is an upgrade from what the wife calls me!! <salute> Thanks for shares! Always kewl photos Larry

Hello F.E.F we are and another Friday "rolls around".  Seems that time moves faster all the time.  Well today, I thought I might illustrate a "fallen flag" and concentrate on the Rock Island RR.  Today its the Marx E-7 A-B-A from 1958 -1974 but the "B" unit was only available until 1961.  So here is the consist as it might have appeared from 1958 - 1961. 

Here she is ready to leave my downtown terminal ... please excuse the awful screw head, obviously needs improvement, but I didn't notice it until I uploaded the pictures   Front end shots first in honor of F.E.F. 

Marx RI E-7 front view

Here is a view showing the length of the A-B-A consist. 

Marx RI E-7 quarter view

Here is a short video showing her in motion.

Have a great weekend everyone. 


P.S. You know I thought that this train from 1961 was not that old, then I thought wait a minute I graduated H.S. in 1962 and that's almost 60 years I guess it is old. (LOL).


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  • Marx RI E-7 front view
  • Marx RI E-7 quarter view
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Marx RI E-7 video

BCDFC515-6116-435D-BC27-F99F28E6AABC2FC7912D-9FCD-4CC9-9395-47B3DBE0F1E620D19539-0882-4318-BB02-47B5B241E027Wow, Front end Friday’s are flying by, and Don McErlean, I’m from the class of 1963, C Sam, you beat me by a year, so, we are now considered Senior Kids. Nice pictures everyone and today our weather here in middle Tennessee is beautiful. RSJB18 Bob, that’s a beautiful new PRR Box cab locomotive and the engineer is on the ball, it’s cool. Happy Railroading Everyone 3B326F25-3470-4C2D-BB17-CCCE2420DCEB0BCB7534-3DFD-46BC-8950-F585F1756F02


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