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Exquisite little models, SS side panels, well detailed, and have full PS3 sound. The Yellowbonnet even has grab irons on the nose. Produced WAY back in 2010 when no one else was plating the cabs in O guage.

I'm looking for a single yellow A unit, powered or non.IMG_1582



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Well happy F.E.F everyone!  Another week comes to a close.  My theme today is..."How the Mighty and Fallen"... This scene depicts conditions sometime in the mid 50's as steam is on its way out.  The streamlined PRR "torpedo" once the queen of the mainline for passenger service has been relegated to a humble caboose hop - perhaps even on her way to the scrap line...but she still stands proud!

Here she is, still standing tall and proud with her streamlined skirt and stack.   Officially she is the Lionel 1688E made in gunmetal from about 1937-1942.  Now in 1955, after superior war time duty, she is just destined for the scrap or low end duties.lionel 1688E frontClo

Close up of that streamlined front end, ready for high speed but unlikely to be needed for her duties today.

Lionel 1688E front quarter

Here is her little train today.  A humble caboose hop to transport her up the line to an uncertain fate.

The caboose is no youngster either, the Lionel 2672 was made in 1941-42

Lionel 1688E train

Well happy F.E.F everyone.  Best wishes , have a great weekend.



Images (3)
  • Lionel 1688E front quarter
  • lionel 1688E front
  • Lionel 1688E train

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