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Happy FEF This actually happened tbe other day when i wasn’t looking and everything shut down. So i decided to use it and take some pictures.

All clear good job everyone. It’s Miller time!

I agree with Ted.  Some great images that you did there with the maintenance crew.  Glad you thought about the situation scene and the repairing of it as a great photo opportunity.

Rich Wiemann - thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoy my fantasy ramblings about my fictitious RR 

SLQ32 - what a great idea to take your "accident" and turn it into a scene on your RR.  I really enjoyed the presentation, great job and great innovative thinking.

CAPPilot - that is one handsome PRR switcher...OBTW you can tell which is the front , because that is the way the crew in the cab are facing..!!  (LOL)


I’ve been on a HO Scale buying binge (for me it’s a binge) recently but to the fore today is O Gauge for Front End Friday is this new beauty, the ominous looking MTH Halloween Crusader.  Once I saw it on the Halloween thread last year by Trainlover160, I knew that I had to have one and replace my Peanuts/Snoopy locomotive.  MTH panic buying made the locomotive scarce.  Purchased it from OGR forum sponsor Mario’s Trains and it arrived in the mail on Wednesday.  Great service by Mario's Trains.

Yes, it is April, but I’m already looking ahead to October and making plans for my 2021 Halloween layout which will include a Hogwarts Express.




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@AGHRMatt posted:

Nice slug and CF7. Did you do the builds?

Yes, I did them a few years ago. The front truck of the GP7u and the back truck of the slug is powered. It has TMCC with RC airplane servo cables for MU cables which powered the slugs front light and coupler and powered truck and center rail power pickup.  The GP7u can run by it's self.


The body of the slug is made from a "For Sale" sign from Walmart. and All the extra add on parts are from Atlas O  GP7/9 and GP35 parts.

I had the slug for many years, the body was a block of wood.  I purchased the Lionel GP shell at a train show for #3.00.  I had a JC Penny's ATSF GP7 that had a bad E unit but good powered trucks with the DC motors in the trucks,  I knew if I was to have lights and power in the slug I needed to build an styrene body. I used a For Sale styrene sign for the body and styrene square rod for inside surport.

I have also built a smaller slug from a MTH end cab calf. It has a TMCC dummy broad from the front light and coupler, but not MU'd to the powered engine.



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Well I guess I have to admit to being late, since its Saturday morning.  Spent yesterday in Hospital waiting room while wife had minor surgery and tried to post from my phone (it was a 6 hr wait) but no joy...I am just not phone technology competent.  So here is my Friday post --- yes I know its Saturday.

Here is a little rather late manufactured (likely 60's or 70's) clockwork Karl Bub freight .  Loco is an 0-4-0 with smoke lifters no less.  O gauge and all sheet metal and runs on 2-rail track.

Karl Bub engine front

Here he is from the side, loved the "lightning bolt" symbol although he is not really fast.

Karl Bub engine side

Here he is with his little train, at least as much of a train as I acquired with the loco.

Karl Bub train

Best wishes for a Friday (on Saturday! )



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  • Karl Bub engine side
  • Karl Bub train

I'll start off the day with a look back...

Photo of my younger self - with hair - in front of a New Orleans Streetcar during New Year's 1989/90.  My mother is on the other side and a family friend was in the middle.  We were in the Crescent City for the 1990 Sugar Bowl between Miami and Alabama.

New Orleans Streetcar 89-90 New Years

My next trip to New Orleans was in 2014 with my wife and one of my sons.  I wanted to re-create this same shot 25 years later but they weren't interested.  So I took a photo of the front of an oncoming streetcar.  No closer shots of the streetcar in my photo files unfortunately



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