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Rattler21, that steamers a Wow, Also a beautiful layout, thanks fir posting. What is the manufacture and is it a command operable locomotive? There’s just something about watching a steamer running with a freight or passenger consist, the drive rods moving, Smokin, chuffin, huffin and puffin, and rolling down the track. Wow. I love steamers. Happy Railroading Everyone... 65CAC28F-62F0-4D2A-AA9C-39A7210CA6ED62D143E2-9EF5-4798-886F-59DC82E0D1F86389A54B-B63D-417A-8992-2AFBC0DC0F68AEA5A2AE-C495-40AD-9350-752B0A63D5AD


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Great "front ends" everyone...RSJB18 are the Docksider's Lionel. AF, MTH??? never have found one for my layout but keep looking.   Straphanger, great elevated station, you must have built that yourself, great job.  tnkMarx...looks like you have a 999 with an "open" pilot, LUCKY DUCK!

Best wishes everyone


Don- They are MTH. Nice little buggers...heavy and rock solid conventional runners. Only drawback is that MTH scored the drive wheels for traction. They tend to sound like a broken washing machine running the rails. A recent thread talked about grinding the score marks off. I may try it one day.

2018-06-07 16.27.07

I have three so they can't be all bad.

There's a much nicer model made by a small manufacturer Right of Way Industries.



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@leapinlarry posted:

Rattler21, What is the manufacture and is it a command operable locomotive?

Larry, John Smith imported brass models under the Pecos River Brass banner aimed at the two rail market.  The numbers I heard were 150 in two rail and 50 in three rail for each of three versions.  Terrific whistle and bell.  Throttle only, no fancy electronics.  John

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@coach joe posted:

Too many great Front Ends this Friday to comment on them all.  But I will say to Strap Hanger there is way too much New York, New York going on down there in Florida.  Seems like you took a good chunk of the Big Apple and it's suburbs with you when you flew south.

Lol! Too funny coach. You know what they say, you can take the New Yorker out of ny, but you can’t take ny out of the NYer.  It’s all about recreating our youth and those memories on our layouts, at least for me.  And what great memories they were, even the less than rosey ones. I can never see myself moving back, but I wouldn’t trade growing up there for anything (although, the thought of having a big basement again is very enticing).   Arnold Cribari has a nice little saying at the end of all his posts - “In my little world, I leave this troubled world behind”.   If I was to use it, I would modify it slightly to this - “In my little world, I leave all the troubles on my layout”. This includes the indignity of commuting down to Wall Street from Forest Hills and then Woodside every day, LOL!

LOL at the bantering between Coach Joe and Strap Hangar.

I took some photos today that I was going to wait until next week to post. I think I will post them tonight when I get back home and stretch Friday a bit into Saturday night.

@Strap Hangar, I didn't realize you were in Florida like myself.

Yep. I’ve been living down here in the land of no basements for quite some time. You must also be in south Florida as well, since you’re a member of the citrus model train society. Tell Ken Sergeant to start up those trains shows over on Flamingo already. It’s been way too long and we all need a train show fix! Also, let Coach Joe know that you’re also building a layout with a partial NY theme (I remember the plan from your layout build thread). Once a NYer......

Strap Hangar, when the FCMTS train shows start up again, it would be nice to meet you in person.   My other train club, the SFRM is looking at having a train show in November.

So here we go with my one night late entries to Front End Friday.  My O Gauge motive power line up on display including my two RTE sets that arrived in the mail this week, the Hogwarts Express and Polar Express.  This Polar Express RTR set with the snow on the roofs replaces the one that I had before.

So now my realistic Tri-Rail loco is supported by fantasy trains on the left with the Christmas trains (Silver Bell, Polar Express) and on the right by the Halloween trains (Hogwarts, Crusader)


And here is each locomotive accompanied by it's remote and MTH DCS App.












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Definitely, Amfleet. I look forward to it. If not at some future citrus show, maybe at the SFRM event in November. There seems to be a few of us South Floridians on the OGR forum. FECRaildog and another guy (i forget his handle) that posts every so often from Miami come to mind. If we can ever get Bill over at Ready to Roll to emerge from his COVID-induced cocoon and open up the store, we could all meet there on a Saturday. Years ago, a number of us (mostly non ogr forum members) used to do that and shoot the breeze while running some of our wider gauge engines/rolling stock on his store layout.

Nice front end engines. I can imagine how eager you must be to get that layout completed!

Wow ! F.E.F fans, another great end of the week post. sure do find those great real RR pictures in your driving, neat.. RSJB18 neat Chessie picture and thanks for the response on the Docksider's, will  have to scour the listings for MTH to find one of those, I "really" need one!  tnkMarx, wife and I lived in Dayton from 1970 until 1988 and we used to use the Amtrack "National Limited" that left from Dayton Union Station to go back east...first the train and then the station were taken away...sad days for sure.

Here is an American Flyer "front end" for today.  AF 3110 pulling his 1920's consist out of the terminal station and on to downtown Savannah.  Two coaches and a baggage, must be a mid day low use train!

Flyer 3110 with consist

OK and how did a Great Northern express car get attached to an L&S train...must be some baggage for rich folks boarding the ocean liners at the pier, bound for Europe or South American.  "Savannah Lines" plied all up and down the east coast from NY to Florida.

Flyer 3110 with GN Baggage

Happy Friday, all the best for a happy and healthy weekend



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  • Flyer 3110 with consist
  • Flyer 3110 with GN Baggage

Picked up two goodies yesterday from Grzyboski’s (the second will have to wait till tomorrow ). Must... stop... ordering... trains... (admit it, we’ve all said it ). In honor of this new addition to my roster, I pulled my set of MPC era PRR 16” aluminum passenger cars off the wall display (the Lionel Limited!!!) - since they hadn’t seen the rails in 25-30 years, spent some time lubing the wheels - video over the weekend.



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Once again I've fallen so far behind there are so many posts I'd like to comment on.

Bob is that the Lionel Chessie GP20?

Patrick that ballast tamper is definitely a unique front end.  Great shot of the Y and you in your jaunty beret.

TedW, a clown shoe never looked so good.

Paul great new engines.  That's one handsome NYC cab engine. 

I guess I'm starting off this week's Front end Friday.

Some 1970's Big Apple Front Ends with my treasured R-40 slant purchase from last week along with my trusty Fishbowl buses.




And with the two cab ends of the R-40's mated together



Will need to obtain those rare MTH DD-4000005 short couplers so that the subway cars are prototypically spaced apart.  Sacrifice is that the train would be limited to O-42 curves (pull mode) and O-54 curves (push mode) which hampers my abilities to have a 2 track subway line on a 4x8 sheet.


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