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OK F.E.F folks, I'm afraid this is my month for humble steamers, Lionel steamers that is.  This is the Lionel #237 a very low end steamer from the early 1960's.  He has a plastic boiler, a 2-position reverse, and the very poor plastic encased motor (which in this case still does work however) but he did have smoke...and of course a whistle if you had the correct tender.  It came as part of two uncatalogued sets :Sears set # 9834 in 1965 and Lionel set # 19262, "the Apache" in 1962.

Here he is with his handsome front end and fancy white stripe.

Lionel 237 front end close up

Here he is at the front of a short freight consist.  Note the slope back tender was originally used with this engine, but it had no lettering.  I just used one of my available tenders for this picture.

Lionel 237 front end with consist

Here he is awaiting for clearance from the double Hornby signal mast.

Lionel 237 and Hornby signal

Happy Friday everyone.

Best wishes



Images (3)
  • Lionel 237 front end close up
  • Lionel 237 front end with consist
  • Lionel 237 and Hornby signal

Yes everyone, Friday’s do roll around faster and faster and the pictures get better and better. Don McErlean, now that’s a beautiful old steamer, great description and history lesson to, Wow, and it made some child very happy… Today, I’m showing some pictures I took at the North Carolina Train Transportation Museum, near Salisbury NC. Happy Railroading Everyone 35DA7D13-E66A-45BB-8452-3149C2338EAB4FC1967E-5F0F-4B97-B4AD-8E594B97B910270D52B1-5328-43AF-8E37-A727192502EA8E582B22-0C3B-44F8-AB9B-AFC8D7B9D688


Images (4)
  • 35DA7D13-E66A-45BB-8452-3149C2338EAB
  • 4FC1967E-5F0F-4B97-B4AD-8E594B97B910
  • 270D52B1-5328-43AF-8E37-A727192502EA
  • 8E582B22-0C3B-44F8-AB9B-AFC8D7B9D688

Steve “Papa” Eastman, that’s beautiful picture of Tinplate engines and neat track work, on a cool layout, nice clock in the background, it’s a Wow. Capetrainman Paul, I’ve been meaning to tell you that your night scenes and other scenes are fantastic, beautiful scenery and awesome trains. Lee Drennen, that’s a beautiful Nikel Plate Diesel on a nice layout, I like that color scheme, it’s cool, Rob Leece, wow, your stable is beautiful, nice looking weathered diesels, awesome workmanship, great road names, Strap Hanger, I like the cool scene with the nose of the diesel slowly passing by the city buildings, great scene, Wow, Happy Railroading Everyone. CEAF309D-1307-4AD0-9009-3C4515140816D6691A8C-9D78-462A-9228-CE320B0D710DEB3AEFEA-FB47-4F44-A00B-3168584BDD576F5B0892-5226-43E8-AD6F-680D802B5B8F


Images (4)
  • CEAF309D-1307-4AD0-9009-3C4515140816
  • D6691A8C-9D78-462A-9228-CE320B0D710D
  • EB3AEFEA-FB47-4F44-A00B-3168584BDD57
  • 6F5B0892-5226-43E8-AD6F-680D802B5B8F

Larry you posted some great front end shots there.  The NC Transportation Museum shots are great as well.  I have been there in about 20 years.

Rob from LawnGuyLand, nice fleet of AlCos by K-line.

Lee beautiful shot of double headed Heritage Units .

Rob Leese is that the complete stable for the Frisco, one of every paint scheme or just the complete stable for your RR?

Larry thanks for your comment on my little #237 and I think you are correct.  The young man that found that under his Christmas tree would have been a very happy fellow.  The pictures on your layout are marvelous, the engine is just unbelievable with its level of detail and its size.  Great pictures and thanks for the view of the NC Train Transportation Museum. I can't fully recognize the switcher, is it a FM?  The ACL "Champion" loco however is really neat.

Steve the American Flyer "Presidents Special" is really great and the other loco is I believe a Lionel although I am not sure.  Lee great NKP diesel. Rob some great and highly detailed front ends and Don W...I can't believe that beautiful Alco is still at work !!

Best wishes everyone


@coach joe posted:

Rob Leese is that the complete stable for the Frisco, one of every paint scheme or just the complete stable for your RR?

I believe most all of the GP7’s are represented. There were some O/W repaints with red chevrons instead of yellow, but I am satisfied with these four. The rest of my SL-SF roster includes two Lionel “famous horses” E7’s and six F7’s representing two different paint scemes.  Frisco FA’s are a future ‘maybe’.  I may not buy any more Frisco power unless somebody decides to do a well-done Firefly.  That would sway me.

Happy FEF!!!

I was having my boiler replaced earlier this week and the two guys doing the work were fascinated by my layout (which is next to the boiler), so I told them I’d run some trains when they were done. I decided to go all out and ran my VisionLine BigBoy - they were amazed (both of them have seen the 4012 over in Steamtown). They were particularly fascinated by the sound reefer in the consist.


And second, one of the new Bethlehem Steel Genset Switchers made it’s maiden voyage on the layout.



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  • D8C5E4F7-9B69-44D4-A32F-8F68D3CDD8B6
  • E3BB1E23-6978-4FBD-A337-1BFAD08E86D1

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