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a contribution to Front End Friday.......N&W, 1959.....1959

Gandydancer, That entire vista is so fabulous, it makes me want to go down to the basement, rip out a whole section of the layout, and model every bit of that entire scene. I'm not, but it sure would feel great to give it a try! Thanks for that posting!


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                           this one is for Lee...  here is a project for you


                               here is a donor truck for you to start with !!


                           here is one we built where I work,  pretty cool !!
















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SIRT posted:



GMO MTH GP30 JL 18 [3)

GMO MTH GP30 JL 18 [4)

GMO MTH GP30 JL 18 [6)

GMO MTH GP30 JL 18 [9)

Love it, Steve!! You always do a fantastic job of weathering!!  I have always liked that GM&O livery.  The first picture I saw of it was in black and white and the lower black paint was quite dirty so I did not think it was black but imagined it was maroon for sometime.  I was a little disappointed when I saw it in color picture.



Thanks Larry. 

I had a hard time liking this one because I kept wanting to paint it blue grey as the real photo shows. Also no white stripe on it either. But for 47 bucks, you get the version MTH has presented me with. It would not be cost effective to do otherwise.

The customer sent me a different photo to use.

Maybe there were other schemes on these diesels, not sure if MTH was correct? I still have to question the black color used on the MTH.





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