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Quarter Gauger 48 posted:

                                                        'Prototype Action' 

One of my all time favorites.  A combination of,  Alco FA; EMD FT', equals the C Liner'..

fm clinercliner2


The top photo isn’t a C-Liner. That’s an Erie-built. Those are two different Fairbanks-Morse locomotives.

Warning to those contributing to this thread: 

This is in the 3-rail forum so model pictures mixing of prototype images...why you ask?  Because too many of you are using copyrighted images (assume any image you have taken from a book or photographer's website is copyrighted....even from Google searches, etc).  This is against the law (unless you took the original) and against OGR's Terms of Service.  STOP doing this or you will likely find yourself reaching deep into your pockets. 

Those of you that have posted photos of real trains, please go back and replace them with a link to where you got them....

This is not open for discussion here.  You may disagree but do so on your behalf when they take you to court...see  how far you get....

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    happy "FEF" everyone !

  Marci just helped me go through 47 pages of photos,  deleting all my real train photos I found on the web...

I was getting photos using Google search to find photos I was looking for,  and just copying it to my desktop,  I thought not seeing a watermark or copyright on the photo, I was OK.   after speaking with Alan, he explained to me that I was wrong, and to consider all photos found on the internet copyright, and to look further to see where they came from...  I wish I would of known this prior to posting them... 

        have a great weekend everyone !    I will miss mixing model pictures with their prototype though !




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