Has anyone added a front proto coupler to an MTH Climax engine?  I have a 20-3222 ps2 version and would love to put an operating coupler on the front.  Or even a manual coupler for that matter.  Run arounds are hard with that scale coupler

thanx in advance!

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I hesitate to reply as I do not have the loco; I was surprised to see (I looked them up on eBay) that it does not have a front O-gauge P'coupler. My MTH Shay does. Did it not come with a dummy O-gauge coupler, as most 3RO steamers do? If it did or didn't, you could probably do some bit of engineering to mount one of the 3RO dummies in the scale pocket, while modifying it a bit to tuck in better for improved appearance. Maybe some springing to reduce the droop/add centering.

A better idea, maybe, is to get a Kadee 1:32 (#1 scale) coupler kit, which should mate with 3RO couplers, and mount it on the pilot beam.

If you have tight curves, any front coupler will need to be mounted on the truck, somehow. 

Glad I could "help".

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