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I have several Atlas O F3 units with no problems. However, I am having problem with one A unit
after years of trouble free operation.

I run this unit as part of an A & B power set, B unit runs with no problem, A unit has intermittent
"short" especially on entry into curves, I have rewired trucks, no change, ANY IDEA'S ???



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I had a 2-rail MTH unit some years ago that was built similar to the Atlas with the 2 motor drive.    It had a siimilar problem.   After watching it run upside down for awhile, and moving the axles around, I found that one the insulated wheel on one axle was a little cock-eyed.    It wobbled just a little and in some situations it hit the center truck frame block and shorted.

I was about to force it more straight and the unit has run fine for about 8 years.

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