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I have the following Atlas O three rail track available.  Track was used on a layout but was  not ballasted so track is in excellent condition with no broke ties or stuck ballast.

10 inch straights (min order 10 pieces)    asking $5 each

40 inch straights (min order 6 pieces)      asking $19 each

063 curves                                                    asking $6 each

081 curves                                                    asking $10 each

090 curves                                                    asking $12 each

099 curves                                                    asking $13 each

various 072, #5 and #7.5 switches ( switch machines not attached) -   $45 each  -  Inquire for availability  

Also have various shorter pieces - inquire for availability

Prices do not include shipping but free delivery is available at York.

If interested, please contact me using the email listed in my profile.

Thanks for looking,


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