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FOR SALE: All prices plus shipping. Paypal or personal check. I have eliminated conventional operation so these locos need new homes. They are all good conventional runners. I don't use much smoke so I have not tested the smoke units. I think the smoke units work but I can't guarantee that. Everything else is good, unless noted otherwise. Includes original box and packaging. Pictures posted here upon request. Email is in my profile.
MTH Rail King RK-111L 0-8-0 Norfolk and Western switcher. Pretty beefy! $188
KLine Virginian 2-6-6-6 Allegheny. K3799-0903W. Simply gorgeous. Hardly run at all. Unfortunately missing a wheel set from the trailing truck. Runs fine without it but looks goofy! Runs on 0-31 curves. $333
Rail King 30-1127-1 Hiawatha Hudson 4-6-4. Looks and runs great. 0-31 curves. $277
Rail King 30-1138-1 PRR Pennsy 4-6-2 Pacific. Sweet loco from the standard RR of the world.  $266
Thanks for browsing. Pix posted here upon request. Email in my profile.
Don Merz
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