FS: Delivery to the Big E - Aluminum Train Shelves Wall System / MTH New Haven EF-3b / R&L Track Cleaner

All plus shipping or free delivery to the Big E. 

Train shelving from Wachtman. All shelves are NEW/Unused. The photo shows my shelves. I just bought too many. These are gorgeous solid aluminum shelves all four feet long and multi gauge. They can hold ANY trains. Die cast locos. I have two or three die cast locos on these shelves. You just screw or bolt them into the studs. Done. I have 20 shelves.  I will sell these for $20 each but IF you buy all 20 shelves, $350 !!

Shelf AShelf BShelf C

MTH New Haven EF-3b Like New/OB $415 Die cast version

NH EF-3b

I have ONE LEFT  R&L Lines Track scrubbing cars. Street price is about $99-105. I will sell it for $69

R&L Car

R&L Car B




Passengers will please refrain, This train's got the disappearin' railroad blues...


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