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I'd like to sell this stuff as one box lot but I will split this up when the offer you make cannot be refused....all is 0 scale. The kits have open boxes and are not-quite-brand-new. All the kits include all the parts and all the original instructions. The 3 Intermountain kits are nicely detailed plastic 40 foot cars. They seem to be complete. The UP 1937 AAR single door car is partly assembled. The work is excellent. The SP Overnight box car is the same--partly assembled with excellent workmanship. The ROYAL car is a 40 foot ice bunker reefer. Very little assembly has been done. All 3 intermountain kits include superb detail and trucks that need assembled. The 3 westbrook kits are older and made of wood and paper with just a few white metal cast detail parts. No trucks on the Westbrook kits. Two of these kits are B&O Stock Cars in original boxes. The third kit is a Westbrook boxcar kit that is in a non-original box. It has that famous red, white and blue "State of Maine" design hat Lionel eventually released. It is wood and paper with cast white-metal trucks. All of these kits will be fun to build and be a real link to the history of our hobby. Also included in this "box lot" are one set of Walthers six-wheel passenger trucks marked "O Gauge--Crestline" and "two-rail" Most of the box markings are not readable and there are no instructions. Finally, there is one pack of 2 pairs of Keil-Line Products 0 Gauge Pullman 6-wheel sideframes without wheels. Instructions are included. These are white metal castings. $95 plus mailing for the whole box lot. My email is in my profile. Paypal is best.IMG_0255IMG_0256IMG_0257IMG_0258IMG_0259IMG_0260IMG_0261IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0266IMG_0267IMG_0268IMG_0269IMG_0270IMG_0271IMG_0272IMG_0273IMG_0274


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