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I'll be in York next week and can deliver any of the following items between Wednesday and Friday. I've always found Thursday morning, before the show opens at noon, to be a great time to meet.

But if you aren't going to York and spot something you need, let me know and we'll figure out shipping arrangements.

Either way, shoot me a note at if you see anything of interest.

These are all links to OGR For Sale threads.

1. Lionel Holiday Sound Systems -- Halloween, Christmas and Polar Express

2. Electric Railroad Boards -- AC Commanders for TMCC, Beep Boards for TMCC, Sound Systems

3. Lionel Solid State Reverse Boards for AC Pullmor Motors

4. Lionel RailSounds 3 and 4 Boards

5. Lionel RailSounds 5.5 Legacy Boards

6. K-Line Golf Shirt -- New, Size XXL

7. Random Miscellaneous Stuff

Thanks for looking!

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