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I have this beautiful K-Line set of a Rock Island E-8 A-A K28841 and the K-Line K4632 9 passenger car set.  There is one powered A unit and one dummy A unit but are tied together with a wire bundle (4 wires).  I have included a video showing functionality with full TMCC and sound (no smoke). I forgot to show reverse but reverse works just as well. The passenger cars have some passengers but more are needed to make this run from Chicago to central Illinois on the Rock Island Rocket. The set is in great condition with some minor scratches barely visible.  

I am willing to part with only because it doesn’t match with the rest of the western passenger car sets I have.  It is a very attractive set and was an eye turner at the last train show I was at with my club.

The cost to you is only $1200.00 and payable through PayPal which includes shipping from the Pacific Northwest to the lower 48 states. You can contact me through the info in my profile.

Thanks for looking.




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