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Released by Lionel in 1992 a 18018 Southern Railway Mikado 2-8-2 steam locomotive with its original box. $450.00. It was upgraded to Lionel's Trainmaster Command Control (TMCC) with Railsounds by TrainAmerica Studios. Engine has been checked and everything runs normally. It has a TurboSmoke unit installed. Headlight, backup light and marker lights work. Directional lighting. Firebox glow. 2 chuffs per revolution. There is a tether between the engine and the tender. Buyer pays UPS shipping to the continental US only. Email is in my profile. Email for a shipping quote.  I accept paypal if you pay as friends and family (with you paying the paypal fees) personal checks from TCA, LCCA, LOTS, or TTOS members with your membership number and money orders.

F288C32B-3D03-47FC-A515-D6B77EE9BCF86C3C6DDD-FAEC-4815-9025-A146132DC6507B996A65-8182-4771-B4C0-8A7B48C0C2A027DED14D-5E5E-471B-B984-BBF445A655DD27F58BC9-5821-4AAC-8A76-A60DA51CB0DD50555E0C-28B8-4B13-AB09-B7DC8F7AA26172006109-ABF6-48A6-86D3-A79D0DD68672A54AB82F-FF6B-4E07-8C67-1645BCC8FE19C34334C2-0A1E-41A7-A70C-0BA8C5FFAD83 [1)E239A4ED-5C2C-4D03-8F75-825B2B8A1BEAF41FD1F2-8BDA-44AE-9774-E4E8E9898565


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  • F288C32B-3D03-47FC-A515-D6B77EE9BCF8
  • 6C3C6DDD-FAEC-4815-9025-A146132DC650
  • 7B996A65-8182-4771-B4C0-8A7B48C0C2A0
  • 27DED14D-5E5E-471B-B984-BBF445A655DD
  • 27F58BC9-5821-4AAC-8A76-A60DA51CB0DD
  • 50555E0C-28B8-4B13-AB09-B7DC8F7AA261
  • 72006109-ABF6-48A6-86D3-A79D0DD68672
  • A54AB82F-FF6B-4E07-8C67-1645BCC8FE19
  • C34334C2-0A1E-41A7-A70C-0BA8C5FFAD83 (1)
  • E239A4ED-5C2C-4D03-8F75-825B2B8A1BEA
  • F41FD1F2-8BDA-44AE-9774-E4E8E9898565
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