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I bought the Lionel AFT cars with the intention of selling my K-Line AFT set based on Lionel’s statement they were going to make all the AFT cars.  Since Lionel may not make all the cars, I’m keeping my K-Line cars as well as the few Lionel cars not made by K-Line.  This means I’m selling all ten of Lionel’s Display Cars.  The two cars pictured were removed for pictures only, all others NIB.

With the 10 display cars I’m selling, you can buy the separate sale Lionel AFT diner and the 4-car Crew Car Set for a 15-car train (24 feet long).  As soon as the two Showcase cars Lionel has promised arrive, you will have a 17-car train that is 27 feet long without engine.

Here is what I am selling:

6-83111    3 display cars 101, 102, and 103.  Power car removed and replaced with display car 110.

6-83116    2 display cars 104 and 105.

6-83589    2 display cars 106 and 107.

6-83592    2 display cars 108 and 109.

Lionel’s MSRP for these 10 cars was $1,575.  I am selling them for $1,000 plus shipping.

PayPal.  Email is in my profile.



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