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Lionel HHP-8 with 3 Amfleet cars. Engine has TMCC that I tested worked on conventional. Good shape, slight marks on body. $450

Lionel Mi-Jack with controller. I got this on a trade, no box. Was told working but did not test, some trimming missing on bottom near wheels $75

Email in my profile. PayPal for payment, shipping via UPS to the CONUS additional.


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  • 7C4C98F4-C8ED-450B-B243-81C195170EE6
  • D3965749-57AF-4F11-B2B4-BCB854636ED4
  • 1522ADAD-D1CF-4476-A4CC-8B7A597A938B
  • 37D1E052-B572-40AD-B7B1-5DA3F7627521
  • ECD61F16-975D-4C44-A2EC-6D85234A3701
  • 6AC7832B-3F8D-44A6-9A9D-249E5CB01250
  • B95758EA-36C5-4498-BF32-475936B5614E
  • 929C027A-3DDB-4AE1-AEF7-3D15FBD45FDF
  • 68FA24D1-9D1B-4219-B12A-45676FA50E49
  • 3522402D-F181-439B-90AA-E52E133519C7
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