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These Lionel Halloween originally came in holiday themed train sets. They're powered by a 9-volt battery, which is not included.

The Halloween System features a recording that's just under two minutes in length, and features maniacal laughter, howling wind, galloping horses, snarling animals, pipe organs, lightning strikes, screams, etc. Once complete, it repeats until turned-off. Here's the recording of this particular sound system:

Since these systems don't require track power, they can be placed just about anywhere on your layout. Ideally, the best place is inside a piece of rolling stock, such as boxcar, which provides a nice speaker baffle for the sound. They can also be placed inside a structure, and for that purpose, a small speaker baffle is included to help amplify the sound. No volume control is included, but the sound level is adequate when properly installed.

Both sound boards measure 1.75" x 0.75" x 0.5". The speaker measures 1.75" in diameter, and are about 0.625" tall. The speaker baffle is about 1.625" tall, should it be needed.

Included with each sound system is the circuit board, speaker, optional sound baffle, on/off switch and double-sided foam tape to help secure the components. As mentioned above, you'll need to supply your own 9-volt battery.

To install, you'll likely need to drill holes in your item to allow the sound from the speaker to escape, and then secure the board, speaker, on/off switch and your battery with the included double-sided foam tape. Your own hot glue gun may also assist with installation, especially if you install the speaker baffle.

Price is $22 each plus $5 flat shipping, regardless of the quantity purchased. E-mail me at with your interest.

Thanks for looking and listening!



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