FS: Lionel RailSounds Chip Sets -- Diesel, Electric and Christmas

I have several different matching sets of Lionel RailSounds chips available: Diesel, Electric and Christmas. Sample recordings can be found below.

Everything is in new condition, and have been recently tested to confirm that they work properly.

Price is $10 per chipset plus $4 flat shipping, regardless of the number of chip sets purchased.

PayPal, check or money order accepted. E-mail me at papertrw@aol.com with your questions and interest.

Also note that if you'd like to purchase a complete sound system using these chips (and more), see my posting on the forum:


Thanks for looking and listening!


These are the PIC and ROM chips that plug into Lionel RailSounds boards that produce the distinct sounds. I have tested them in RailSounds 2.5, 3 and 4 boards with success. (Note that I these will not work with RailSounds 5 and above.) Lionel rarely sells the sound chips separately, so this is an opportunity to change the sound set if you already have an existing Lionel RailSounds board.

chip puller

To use these chips, first MAKE SURE that you have a RailSounds board/system that accepts them. If your piece has RailSounds 2.5, 3 or 4, you should be OK. Next, you'll need to use a chip extractor to remove the existing chips from your sound board. (Search on eBay or Amazon for a PLCC Chip Extractor -- it's the same as the one in the MTH Proto 1 reset kits, or you should be able to find one for around $5). You'll need to use caution when changing the chips as the pins are easily bent or damaged if you don't know how to extract them -- therefore, I can't recommend these chips for beginners.

The sound samples below were done using TMCC (with the exception of the Christmas chipset). If you only operate in conventional transformer modes, you won't be able to access the CrewTalk, TowerCom or ElectroCoupler sounds.

A. Pair of chips that were originally used with the 6-28219 Seaboard Alco C-420 #136.


B. Pair of chips that were originally used with the 6-18959 New York Central NW-2 Switcher #622. Note that the CrewTalk/TowerCom only makes mention of the road number, not the road name.


C. Pair of chips that were originally used with the 6-28517 Chicago & North Western GP-7 #1518.


D. Pair of chips that were originally used with the 6-18315 Virginian Rectifier Electric. Note that CrewTalk and TowerCom are not included with this chipset.


E. Pair of chips that were originally used with the 6-16776 Christmas Music Boxcar, featuring Lionel's Rudy Trubitt playing an instrumental "Silent Night" on electric guitar. Note that these chips will only function in a non-TMCC RailSounds environment.



Just for the record, I played the guitar on this product. It's bottleneck slide on an electric guitar.

Rudy Trubitt

Director of Audio

Lionel, LLC



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6-28219 Seaboard Alco C-420a
6-18959 NYC NW-2 Switcher
6-28517 C&NW TMCC
6-18315 Virginian TMCC
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