Found a few different RailSounds boards while poking around looking for something else, and as usual, I can build them into complete sound systems.

Scroll down for recordings. These are full RailSounds systems -- surplus older RailSounds boards for which I've added appropriate sound chips and accessories to make them into usable systems.

(For more sound options, see my other thread at:

Price is $65 each for diesel, and $72 for steam or turbine plus $8 flat shipping, regardless of the number of systems purchased.

PayPal, check or money order is accepted. E-mail me at with your interest.

The Steam includes steam engine chuffing, whistle and bell, along with background hissing sounds. The whistle changes pitch with speed. 

The Turbine features background turbine "whooshing" (Lionel's term) instead of a chuff. Also has bell and background steam sounds.

The Diesels feature background engine sounds, horn and bell. The engine sounds change as train movement increases, and the horn changes pitch with speed as well. 

A conventional AC transformer with whistle/horn and bell buttons is required to operate this sound system. (Transformers with separate whistle and/or bell buttons are OK too.) Only two wire connections are necessary to get it hooked-up, but you'll need to be handy and creative when it comes to mounting all the accessory hardware. In general, this system can be placed inside a locomotive, tender or rolling stock -- as long as they have access to track power, and everything can fit. Therefore, I can't recommend this for people who aren't familiar with working on their trains.
Each system includes the sound board, the heat sink that you can use to mount it (upside down, with the included screw), a reed switch with magnets, a RailSounds/SignalSounds switch, a volume control pot, 9-volt battery back-up harness and a speaker. The magnetic reed switch signals movement to the sound board, and you'll need to figure out a way to mount it to an axle/wheelset. (Note that the diesel -- but not steam -- sound systems also respond to voltage changes to affect the engine rev level, but better response is achieved with the reed switch.) The volume control pot includes an appropriate mounting bracket. The 9-volt battery back-up provides sound for track power interruptions, but is not necessary for operation. The 8 ohm, 0.25 watt speaker could be mounted using hot glue.
The main sound board measures approximately 4" x 1.25" x 1.5". Speaker dimensions are approximately 2" in diameter x 0.625".


A) Hooter Steam: This sound set came from the Pennsylvania "Torpedo" Pacific. Nice single note "hooter" whistle.

B) Turbine Steam: This sound set came from the Century Club Turbine's separate-sale tender. No chuffing on these, but rather the "whooshing" turbine sound that ramps up and down like a diesel.

C) Diesel with Single-Note Horn #2.X: This sound set came with a pair of Kansas City Southern F-3's.

D) Diesel with Single-Note Horn #2.2: This sound set came with a pair of Erie Lackawanna F-3's. Unusual horn.


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