FS: Lionel TMCC/RailSounds Electronics Platforms for Diesels with Pullmor Motors

Have for sale two different Lionel "Electronics Platforms" with TMCC and RailSounds for diesel locomotives with Pullmor motors.

Price is $105 each plus $8 shipping. (Note that Lionel charges $140 + shipping for these.)

PayPayl, check or money order accepted.

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 Lionel TMCC and RailSounds Circuit Board Platform with RailSounds. This is the electronics platform that served at the heart of many Lionel diesel locomotives (mainly GP-9's and similar locos) from about 1996 to 2001. It can be used to repair a malfunctioning locomotive, or used to add TMCC Command Control and RailSounds to a locomotive that doesn't have these features. The platform consists of two separate boards, connected by a four-wire harness.

The LCRU2 board contains the remote-control TMCC circuitry, and also functions as a reverse unit when a locomotive is in conventional mode. These are only used with AC Pullmor motors. Locomotives with DC can motors require a different board and set-up. The board can be programmed via a TMCC CAB-1 to provide control of a smoke unit, cab light or strobe light. The Pullmor motor wire harness (included) is set-up to control one motor, but it does have the capability of powering an additional motor if you wire them together.

The RailSounds board contains both the audio and power supply circuitry. This board includes a set of functional diesel locomotive chips (options below),  but other chips can be transplanted into this board as well if you have a different set of chips you'd like to install. Note that this board will only function with Lionel chips from RailSounds 2.5 to 4.0.

Both boards are mounted to an aluminum platform that includes a 9-volt battery holding bracket. The boards could be separated from the platform and mounted individually, if so desired. As assembled, the entire platform measures approximately 7" x 1.25" x 2".

TMCC Platfom wiring diagram - Copy

All connections to these boards are made via Molex or Leoco wire harnesses. On the LCRU2, these connections are for Pullmor motor(s), ElectroCouplers, Program/Run switch, lights and/or smoke unit, antenna, and output to the Lionel RailSounds board. The RailSounds board has connections for a speaker, volume control pot, RailSounds/SignalSounds switch, triggering device (cherry switch, reed switch or hall-effect sensor) to tell the system when it's in operation, and an optional 9-volt battery harness to provide sound during power interruptions. Only the Pullmor motor harness, the harness between the two boards, and the 9-volt battery harness are included, along with two of the proper capacitors to manage Pullmor motor electrical noise.

Something worth mentioning: because there are so many variables involving the different places you could install these, you’ll need to be somewhat handy and resourceful to install this electronics platform, and supply all the necessary harnesses for the majority its functions. This is not a kit per se, but rather an offering of the electronic "brains" to get the project started. It’s nothing terribly complicated, but you'll need to do a bit of tinkering to adapt it to your particular installation. Therefore, I can't recommend this for people who aren't familiar with Lionel's TMCC system and working on their trains. As always, ask if you have questions.

A) Platform with RailSounds chips from the 6-28219 Seaboard Alco C-420 #136

B) Platform with RailSounds chips from the 6-18959 New York Central NW-2 Switcher #622



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6-28219 Seaboard Alco C-420a
6-18959 NYC NW-2 Switcher
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