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3. Minichamps/Paul's Model Art 1990's VW "New Beetle" models. Die-cast metal construction. 1:43 scale. Approximately 3.5" long each. Orange is a 1994 Concept car with broken side mirrors -- not very noticeable. Blue is a 1998 model with a slight bend in the radio antenna. Both were used as Lionel flatcar loads between 1998-2000. $10 for the pair

4. Die-cast Metal Tanks were issued by Lionel in the mid-1990's on American Flyer S Gauge flat cars. Approximately 2.5" long, die-cast metal and plastic construction. Each has separate rubber treads that turn, but they actually ride on four small wheels underneath. These are likely closer to HO scale, but still wouldn't look too bad as flatcar loads. This set is (5) identical tanks, all with the USA flag. New in packaging, $10 for this set of (5).

5. Die-cast Metal Tanks, same details as the grouping above. This lot has a total of (6) tanks of five different designs. Three with red stars, two with the USA flag, and one with a black cross. Three of the six have broken parts (a wheel or a turret, as shown in the photo) but are still usable. $8 for this set of (6).

6. O Scale Railroad Sign/Marker Decal Sheets by Impko. Sheet measures approximately 3.125" x 4.5". Condition is essentially brand new, but they're somewhat old, so you'll likely need a decal film or clearcoat to prevent them from breaking apart in water. Therefore, I can't recommend these decals for beginners. $1 each, and I have several.

7. Atlas O 40' Reefers Collector's Guide. Softcover. 48 pages, color throughout. Covers the first several years (2000-2004) of Atlas O reefer production. Some scratches to rear cover, otherwise Excellent/Like New. $3

8. Railroads of Colorado book by Claude Wiatrowski. Copyright 2002. Hardcover with dust jacket, 150+ pages. Black & white and color throughout. Like New. $5

9. TM I Love Christmas VHS Video. 35 minutes running time. Like new in sleeve. $2

10. Run Your Trains! with IC Controls and Lou Kovach. VHS Video. Unknown running time. Covers the original IC Controls TMCC line, prior to its purchase from Lionel. Like New in sleeve. $2

12. Two-Position, 14 Pole Terminal Barrier Strip. Approximately 6" long. Missing two terminal screws. $3

13. Scale University Railroad Coal. Bag contains about 22 ounces, $5

15. Radio Shack 12.6 Volt AC Transformer. 3 amps. 120 volt house power input, two 6.3 or one 12.6 outputs. Actually, this unit is about 10% over spec, so the numbers are actually about 7 and 14 volt outputs. Used, but works fine. Measures about 3.25" x 2.25" x 2" at its widest points. $8

16. Lionel 6-5530/OCS Uncoupling Track Controller. This is from the 1980's, but works with postwar just fine. Wiring clipped, so it will need rewired with 4-strand wire. $2

17. Light assembly with leads. I believe these are Lionel, and each assembly consists of a clear bulb in a socket, with approximately 7.5" leads. Don't know the exact spec, but judging from the brightness, I'd say they were 14 volt bulbs. $2 for (3) assemblies, and I have several.

19. Lionel Logs -- no kidding! These are Lionel-spec, real-wood logs that were used as flatcar loads. Each log is about 7-3/4" long, and roughly 1-1/2" in diameter. Kiln dried, fairly straight, with just enough knots for "character." $1 per log, and I have many.

22. 1998 Lionel York TCA T-Shirt. Front and back sides shown. Large (L) size, and assume the size runs a bit small. $10

23. K-Line Golf Shirt. Black with yellow and white K-Line logo on the left front chest. Nothing on the back. Never removed from package until photo taken. XXL size.  $20  (second shirt has been sold)

25. Lionel Halloween and Christmas Sound Systems originally came in different Lionel themed train sets. They're powered by a 9-volt battery, which is not included. $21 each. Details below.

The Halloween System features a recording that's just under two minutes in length, and features maniacal laughter, howling wind, galloping horses, snarling animals, pipe organs, lightning strikes, screams, etc. Once complete, it repeats until turned-off. Here's the recording of this particular sound system:

The Christmas System features digital recreations of a dozen different Christmas carols, and plays for almost eight minutes before repeating. Here's the recording of this particular sound system:

Since these systems don't require track power, they can be placed just about anywhere on your layout. Ideally, the best place is inside a piece of rolling stock, such as boxcar, which provides a nice speaker baffle for the sound. They can also be placed inside a structure, and for that purpose, a small speaker baffle is included to help amplify the sound. No volume control is included, but the sound level is adequate when properly installed.

Both sound boards measure 1.75" x 0.75" x 0.5". The speaker measures 1.75" in diameter, and are about 0.625" tall. The speaker baffle is about 1.625" tall, should it be needed. 

Included with each sound system is the circuit board, speaker, optional sound baffle, on/off switch and double-sided foam tape to help secure the components. As mentioned above, you'll need to supply your own 9-volt battery.

To install, you'll likely need to drill holes in your item to allow the sound from the speaker to escape, and then secure the board, speaker, on/off switch and your battery with the included double-sided foam tape. Your own hot glue gun may also assist with installation, especially if you install the speaker baffle.

IMG_8753 - Copy copyIMG_8749a

1. Lionel Hallmark Blue Comet 400E, Tender and Passenger Car. Ornaments are Like New, but boxes have a bit of shopwear. Passenger car no longer lights up, likely due to a dead battery. SOLD!

2. Railway Express Agency Stake Truck. 1:43 Scale. Limited edition of 1500 pieces. Primarily die-cast metal construction. Measures about 5-3/4" long. SOLD!

11. Gargraves #108 Magnetic Uncoupler & Unloading Section. Phantom "5 rail" straight track that measures about 10-1/4". For use with operating cars requiring the extra pick-up shoes. Includes proper controller. New/old stock in original packaging. SOLD!

14. Korber Models #701 O Scale Roof Top Wood Water Tank wood kit. Produces a model about 2" x 2". New/old stock. SOLD!

18. K-Line K-419502 Cable Reels. Each reel is about 1.75" in diameter. Plastic construction. SOLD!

20. Lionel 3419 Navy Helicopter reproduction. Some light scuffs from use, but otherwise intact. SOLD!

21. Lionel 6-9309 TPW Bay Window Caboose from 1980. Lighted interior, metal frame and ladders, plastic trucks. Like New, no box. SOLD!

24. K-Line Baseball Cap. Like New/old stock. SOLD!


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