For sale is an MTH 20-2157-1 GP38-2 diesel, Conrail #8265.  It has no box, but is in very good condition and runs well.  I have tested all features except the "freight yard sounds", and all operate as specified- engine sound, horn, bell, both electro-couplers, crew talk in neutral.  Directional headlights and cab light work as well.  The battery most likely needs replaced.  Will add pics later today.  Asking $135 plus shipping to the lower 48.  I'll take PayPal or postal money order as payment, email is in my profile.

Thank you!



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Sorry, I'm just looking to sell it right now.  I don't have any other MTH or sound-equipped engines so it really doesn't fit with the rest of my stuff.

Thanks anyway!

Mike is this a PS2 engine?

If this is can you give me cost to ship to Zip 44130

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