Ever wanted to switch cars and engines without having to turn off the DCS TIU or Explorer Unit and wait for it to reboot. I am making wire harnesses with an on/off switch that allows for you to stop the power to the track without having to turn off the DCS Unit. I can use any connector you request if you do not want banana plugs. E-mail in Profile 

1) Track Power Harness with On/Off Switch (Explorer Unit and track connector not included) $28 Shipped

2) MTH Battery Replacements 5-volt Board (Replaces 9-Volt Rechargeable Battery) $21 Shipped

3) MTH Battery Replacements 3-Volt Board (Replaces AA or AAA Battery Packs) $18 Shipped

4) MTH 2" 16 ohm 2 watt Speaker w/ Molex Connector & Pins $10 Shipped 

Harness 2Harness with Explorer 3image3BCR 2 BIMG_7901image1

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