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446EE083-96C2-445E-A663-4C0AB8B3CE1BD2EFD537-8B1F-4E39-A8C4-825A00C3D58CEEE0CC7E-EF95-455D-B6E3-EECC147667041EEE7D34-4295-4051-B095-4E9ADE53125A91B4302E-3B0F-4747-AF64-CF4B688867F9D6478A80-41CA-4080-B51A-CB391A3972BF72FE3EB9-F06D-414D-9B21-C21AD223D250This was repainted at some point in its life. This has Protosound 2.0. When tested in conventional, the sound came on, but I could not get the engine to move...possible battery issue, but I have not investigated

selling as parts/project only, as-is

$140 plus shipping. Paypal only, shipping from 08722


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  • 446EE083-96C2-445E-A663-4C0AB8B3CE1B
  • D2EFD537-8B1F-4E39-A8C4-825A00C3D58C
  • EEE0CC7E-EF95-455D-B6E3-EECC14766704
  • 1EEE7D34-4295-4051-B095-4E9ADE53125A
  • 91B4302E-3B0F-4747-AF64-CF4B688867F9
  • D6478A80-41CA-4080-B51A-CB391A3972BF
  • 72FE3EB9-F06D-414D-9B21-C21AD223D250
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