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I am selling a few Mth Premier and Atlas diesels.  First is an Atlas Dash 8-32BHW. Has some minor chipping on rails and one of the rails is off in the back. glue should fix it. Also, the manuel says it has flashing ditch lights. They don't seem to work, maybe because I am running it on a Z4000 and not thru a remote? They light up, just don't flash. Asking $300.00 shipped. Nest for sale is an MTH Premier PS1 Genesis. Everything works great, box has a little wear on it and contains no manuel. Asking 200.00 shipped.Next is an Atlas AEM-7 with the control box. Everything works great, box has some wear on it. Asking $200.00 shipped. Next is an MTH BNSF SD60 # 20-20081-1. The box isn't in great condition and has no manuel with it; everything works great. Asking $250.00 shipped.   I accept USPS MO only and am open to reasonable offer; email is in profile. I have videos of all engines if anybody is interested.




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southernryamtrakfan posted:

Is the Atlas AEM-7 Amtrak? I still don't see any of the pics. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.....

It is Amtrak. The pictures were "hidden". If you look in the bottom right corner of the post, you should see a "show" button. Push it, and the pictures will appear.

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