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I purchased this set used from Sommerfeld's Trains & Hobbies in Wisconsin about 2006. I am the second owner - the original owner also purchased the set from Sommerfeld’s but quickly returned it to them stating they were too big for their layout.

The units are complete with the exception of the missing bell on the lead unit. You can see in the close up photo the shaft where it slides on to. If I find it I will put it on. As you can see in the photos they have a little dust from sitting on the shelf.

These units run great and look like they mean business. Some people don’t like the boxy look but I do.

The packaging includes the Styrofoam insert and outer box. The boxes show a little wear from sitting on the shelf. The original owner threw away the set box. The engines and the boxes have been stored in a climate controlled, smoke free room.

Why am I selling them? I picked up a set of the 20-5570-1 in the orange and maroon paint scheme with the intention of being able to operate both eras. I’ve since decided to let these go to make room for other things.

Sell Price: $950.00 + shipping. I will pack these units up and then get a few quotes for shipping.

I accept paypal, check or money order.

Contact me at my email address for more information, photos or videos.


MTH 20-2269-1AMTH 20-2269-1BMTH 20-2269-1CMTH 20-2269-1DMTH 20-2269-1E


Images (5)
  • MTH 20-2269-1A: Info
  • MTH 20-2269-1B: Lead Unit
  • MTH 20-2269-1C: Trailing Unit
  • MTH 20-2269-1D: Missing Bell Location
  • MTH 20-2269-1E: Boxes
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