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Hello all,

I have a few engines for sale today. All are Protosound 3.0 models, purchased brand new and show little run time. Photos will be uploaded tomorrow when I return from business travel.

First is my MTH Premier SD70ACe "Powered By The People". Model 20-2164-1. This engine is complete with box, accessories and outer shipping box. Fully functioning, will upload DCS photo of chronometer for exact run time. Retail is $520, I am asking $420 plus shipping for this engine.


Second is an MTH Railking Scale Union Pacific RS-3 with Protosound 3.0 (30-20296-1). Like the SD70ACe above, this engine comes with original box and all original accessories. It shows little runtime but a chronometer photo will be uploaded for verification. Retail on this engine is $320, a recently sold eBay listing shows a sale price of $313 and two active listings show $350. I am asking $300 plus shipping for this engine.

Lastly is my pride and joy, my beautiful MTH Premier GS-4 #4438 (20-3750-1). This engine also has Protosound 3.0 and shows little run time. I am only selling this engine as I recently acquired a brand new Lionel VisionLine GS4. Unfortunately there is a small issue with the engine's wireless drawbar (common on PS3 steamers, as you all may know) as seen in my recent forum post. She will be going to a neighbor of mine, who is an MTH authorized repair center, for repairs. Upon her return, she will be ready for her new owner. The only recent eBay listing shows this engine selling for $1400 and these engines are nearly impossible to find anywhere. I am asking $1200 for the engine, plus shipping. Original box and all accessories are included.

As stated previously, photos for the above engines will be uploaded tomorrow. I will post chronometer readings as well. All shipping quotes will be through FedEx, fully insured, unless you're local to Salt Lake City. Payment must be made through PayPal please. For anyone looking for track, I will have a lot of Gargraves wood/plastic tie track, Ross track and some Ross switches for sale here as well. Thank you all and have a great weekend!


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