FS: Real Trax O-31 Switches, Lionel Witches Cauldron

I have a few items for sale as part of my downsizing (as has been mentioned on another post) and don't have room for unstarted or unfinished projects.

SOLD!!!!..Unbuilt Cream & Silver Frosty Bar Kit along with a decorating kit that I bought several years ago to go with it.  $15

Parts for the Lionel 497 Coaling Station for the kitbashed FEC aggregate unloader that I never built.  $25

Pair of Lionel 6-5530 Tubular Operating Tracks.  Both work without any issues. $10 each

Lionel 6-14221 Witches Cauldron.  Never used $40

I'm also posting these items on feeBay also (at a higher price of course )


497 Coal 1Frosty Bar 1Tubular Operating 1Witches Cauldron 2

My contact information is in my profile.

Shipping method & price is up to you.  PayPal only please



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Added some MTH Real Trax to the list.  All Real Trax pieces are Solid Rail.  All track pieces are in good to great condition.  The two switches have rarely been used

  • 40-1001  10-inch Straight (8 pieces) $3 each
  • 40-1002  O-31 Curve (17 pieces) $3 each
  • 40-1004  O-31 RH Switch ($40)
  • 40-1005  O-31 LH Switch ($40)
  • 40-1016  5.0-inch Straight (2 pieces) $3 for the pair
  • 40-1019  30-inch Straight (5 pieces) $9 each


The two Tubular Operating Tracks have been sold.



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