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I don't see the harm in being able to reply to FS posts.  Why all the concern about replies?  I can understand the prohibition on frequent bumps and "will you take $x" replies, but if someone has a question about the item, someone else is probably wondering the same thing, so why not allow it?  And why not allow a weekly bump vs. having to resubmit a new topic?  Another legitimate use is when a potential buyer is unsure if his emails are getting through.  (Which is why it's rude to disregard emails, but that's another topic.)

And I'd like to allow "are you serious about this price?" posts, but that's just a fantasy.  

I agree with MALLARD4468.  I'm sure more than one person has the same question for the seller.  If the post gets bumped up, so what.  It keeps the items on everyone's radar.  

I don't use the search engine on the forum to look up topics.  I simply scroll down the list of subjects and read/respond to the ones that look interesting to me.  So having a FS post in front of me all the time is a reminder.  

I think two letters, FS, added by the original poster to the very beginning of each FS title would really simplify things for both the readers who seemed bothered by FS adds and those that are seeking to learn more about that product. Learning, after all, is why we are here more or less.

I.e. the only time a FS ad bothers me is when the the title interests me as a topic, but OP hasn't noted it's for sale in the title. Not being able to comment within FS threads has been disappointing when it comes to learning to say the least. 

I have forgotten about the rule on occasion, but I only asked questions I felt were knowledge based anyhow; no deep guilt there. 

I guess it's time reread the TOS too.  I don't know if the rule applies to Wanted also. I recently posted to a wanted ad because Ive seen so many comments and questions in those the last year, I figured it was ok....but admittedly didn't actually look (I tried, but can actually very seldomly use the upper left menu; it rarely works for my Android browser [ I'd need four browsers to get all functions. None work every feature here. I stick with the best ones for my reading/posting])

  Working a deal out should be private; no argument there.  I don't see much difference in alerting someone to an email issue in a FS ad or in another thread, which is what happens quite often.  

  As a fan of transparency in advertising, coy titling of a FS ad is extremely annoying to me. "Ha ha, made you look" must remain sparse to retain it's playfulness.  (wolf...wolf....wolf...doesnt make you "foxey" )

  I know it works to get a potential customers eye, but I refused to work for companies chose this route as thier norm and hate it much more when indivuals choose to play "the game" this way because in note lacks of conscious to me.  I pass unless I already figure I know how the person really conducts themselves already.

It is not the best of reflection on an individual seller imo.  If you are quick to try and fool me in an ad; will you be trying to fool me on the deal?

Not to mention if I start a new topic to cover a question, it's often ignored by many. IMO mainly because of the ad with similar title preceding it. (These questions were the ONLY posts I made not ever responded to......likely because the people who could have answered for sure (the FS OPs) never even saw it.)

   I'll doubt I'll ever budge on this outlook; thirst for knowledge being at the forefront wins out for me most every time.

I’m sure I got scorned at, in a recent WTB thread, or post or whatever we’re calling it now, a member responded to the OP’s request with an alternate piece of equipment that was not what the OP wanted, I respectfully (I think) asked for second dibs for the members piece if the OP declined.....I see no harm nor foul in that entire thread. Some of my replies were picked off for review, but were granted. And that’s fine, rules are rules...I think the discussion of pricing, wheeling and dealing needs to go off the thread. You should be able to ask questions on the thread not related to pricing or offers. That needs to go private. In a FS post, once a sale is pending it should be the OPs obligation to mark the post pending sale. This will ( at least it should) stop some of the un-answered emails that drives everybody nuts. I’ve seen sale pending in some posts, and I know to keep moving, nothing to see here unless the deal falls through and the OP can post up sale back on “deal fell through”..........Pat 

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I think the bump issue was actually more "freinds of the OP" doing the bumping than anything. Same folks over and over and they pushed it to the edge... but I'm not even sure some of folk even use the forum anymore. Im with you Pat. No reason not to if youre also interested. Except maybe the the first buyer was trying to cut the price, but that is thier issue. I don't view that kinda deal as auction activity; just one buyer willing to pay the asking price, another not willing. Both willing, you gave the first offer plenty of leeway and notice, still respecting social convention of your place "in line" behind them; I wasn't involved, but Kudos from me here, not scorn ! I think the high price bidding is the main target of the anti-auction thoughts. Too easy to manipulate it for profit on such a small scale IMO. (not to mention it may be a legal target; requiring legal license if OGRF allows certain actions to take place(?)

I belong to several Military sites and 2 other sites that all have for sale sections. They all allow bumping with a 48 hour wait time for sellers to lower prices only. Except for three Military sites, questions are allowed to be posted, but not the "great item or other type of postings praising the item or the seller".

But again, the seller is only allowed to bump himself if he is lowering his asking. I do find that posts with a price and or best offer sell quickly and rarely stay longer then 48 hours. I and others rarely look at Ads there or here if there aren't pictures showing the item for sale.


Lets Keep in Mind the Limited Personnel at OGR and that it's NO COST for forumites to List on the For Sale. IT's bad enough that they have to spend time in monitoring the site, taking action on those that "break the rules", among doing their daily publishing work and meeting tight deadlines! If you want these types of additional services mentioned above, OGR may have to start charging. BE careful what you wish for! "Let sleeping dogs Lie".

The posts need to be reviewed no matter what.

I get the feeling a lot more of the policeing is done by readers and the report option than ever before anyhow. That saves time even if it needs to be deleted, but could actually be worse if overdone (wolf...wolf...wolf  just like my sister when I was a kid, eventually complaints on edging any rule fell on deaf ears . It would have gone better if it were less technical(B&W) and more reasoned out (the grey addressed as well)

   What I don't see in these FS/wntd debates much, is explainations on what most offends the folks that don't seem to like FS ads from a readers point of view, ALL economics aside.  Most folk focus only on the rule as it stands, or a buy or sell view.

  If the forum was flooded with ads & many posts daily I'd not question it but it simply doesn't appear out of hand to me. When I started new here there seemed to far more ads and far more abuse of them as well and it was against to rules then as well.   Do I just have good timing; missing these posts before they are deleted? I really am very curious. Especially Rods feelings as you've started a few of these but never seem to comment on exactly why you agree or disagree with the rules, focusing only on the fact some folks have broken them (which is going to happen to some extent no matter what (refer back to line one ).  If a charge is attached, even to ads, IMO folks would be even more inclined to bump and break rules, using the monetary fact as an excuse to go nuts..."but I paid for it".  (take my word for it. sometimes free makes things easier... I can't go into it further unfortunately)

  A buyers or sellers motives don't carry as much weight IMO. The deal itself is too personal.

  Attempts at only looking at it from a readers point of view helps with remaining  more objective and detached from the aquistion of property or cash. The other reasons are valid, just not as impactful as the reader who has no real stake in ads other than a want of information or conversation about a cool train 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃 that by chance, also happens to be for sale.

(sorry if the post is "scattered" I haven't slept since Monday)

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