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Fuel and water levels always displayed as expected on my Cab2 with all of my Legacy engines with an IR transmitter. Recently, I powered up my layout and--seemingly out of the blue--fuel and water levels are NOT displaying on my Cab2 with ANY of my engines with IR. At the same time, ALL other functions related to the IRV2 sleds are still operating as expected. I'm mystified. Any idea what's going on?

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I know you are saying the other functions work, but I would reprogram my IR sensor.

Specifically page 16 of the manual

Automatic CAB-2/Base Updates (Legacy base required)
The first time a new engine crosses a SensorTrack, you’ll notice that CAB-2 engine
information will update, including the road name, road number locomotive type, and
lighting keypad options. For most layouts, automatically updating the LEGACY Base database
is a desirable feature. However, some clubs may prefer not to automatically load visiting
engine’s info. This can be controlled for all SensorTracks on the layout using your Lionel
hand-held remote.
To disable automatic base updates:
• From your remote, enter ACC, 99, AUX1, 3
• All SensorTracks on the layout will no longer update the Legacy command base when a
compatible locomotive passes.
The base update feature will remain disabled even when the track power is turned off and
then on again.
To turn the automatic base updating feature back on:
• From your remote, enter ACC, 99, AUX1, 4.
• All SensorTracks on the layout will now update the base when a compatible locomotive
passes over it.

Also, page 17 goes over more details of the CAB2 and the fuel and water level display function.

While I quoted the 5 inch style sensor track, Lionel support is not showing the manual for the IRV2

That said, some web searching for a copy of the manual said the exact same thing- also on page 16 of that manual.

Again, my theory is, the system glitched and just needs reset. I know it's annoying, but I swear I saw this happen before to me too.

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