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I’ve only ridden on one funicular and that is in Quebec City. Unfortunately, I can’t find any of the pictures I took over my several visits, but the link below will give you the flavor. I first rode it on a family vacation around 1970 but I couldn’t find a pic of how it looked then - it was a green corrugated tube and the cars rattled around on the inside with little to no view. The newer version gives an amazing view of the old city and the St. Lawrence River!!!

Great post!   Happy to share our funicular travels!

Montmartre Funicular to Basilica of the Sacred Hearts - Paris, France


Zugspitze Railway (electric cog system that has a middle meet like most funiculars) rode down the mountain from Zugspitze to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.


Lugano, Switzerland - took the Lugano Citta-Stazione funicular from train station down through our hotel to the center of town. We stayed in that hotel.  BE SURE TO BOOK A ROOM AWAY FROM THE FUNICULAR TUNNEL!   That’s what we did!


Halstat, Austria - Great salt mine experience that is accessible by taking the funicular up the mountain to the mine entrance. Great view from the top!




Another great ride on the rails leaving the mine!


The Floibanen funicular in Bergen, Norway - Ride the funicular to the top of Mount Floyen for a spectacular view of Bergen!


Salsburg funicular to the Hohensalzburg Castle. Best way to get there!


Today has been an uplifting experience for me!  Thank to all for the shares!

Cheers, Dave


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