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Hello Friends,

I have been around the hobby for a while but only since my recent retirement am I getting serious.  I have a 3rdrail S-2 built in Korea around 2005 (very approx.)  The  Locomotive was on static display for the last 15 years. Time for this dusty girl to get up and run.

I have no paperwork, the tires (2) have disintegreated;  who would be a good source to buy replacements?  The reaer drivers are 1.65" dia. with a groove .075 wide and the tire appears to be about .022'"

It had a 8.4 volt rechargeble battery that I tossed and installed a 9volt battery for the time being; can I use a BCR instead?

Lastly the locomotive seems to have a derailing problem on my temporary test track, on curved 072 tinplate track the lead driver on the inside of the curve will jump to the outside of the rail. Messing with the track connections helps but I believe it is something in the engine weight and or design ( no other locos having an issue here,  If anyone else has had similar experience I would like to talk to you. 

Thanks for consideration, kevin

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Lionel has traction tires and lists them by size of the tire not size of the driver. You want a tire smaller in diameter than the wheel. As for the battery you don't really need one. It just there to maintain sound if the engine loses power at a dead spot. It has no way to charge a battery so skip rechargeables and BCRs. An alkaline is fine. Just remember to swap them out about every 5 years.


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