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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

Well, where is it Mike???  You know, with charging lights?

I guess I'd better finally get started. I waited too long. I need better tooling to handle tiny parts but here goes......

( I may as well build another SD70ACe while I'm at it too)



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The drawings I'm using from the article in Model RR mag are missing lines near the front of the GE's cab up top. There's something that the drawing took liberty and doesn't appear to be totally accurate. I found out the hard way and now have to re-cut several pieces a little longer. The cab has plates of metal that end short of the front and the drawing seems to have mixed these with the front edges.



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I could have settled for a MTH Dash 8 fuel tank.... well maybe if I could have got an extra one?

It doesn't have the right profile so I really got into something here. This tank maybe just as tuff to build as the cab?

It probably will take me days to finish. There's a shelf that needs to be cut in for the air tanks still to go. Some type of mounting flanges and the shelves on the sides.

 I may make my own custom truck sideframes as well? Just a few more years to go.... (Mike Wolf help!)


I added the frame rails now,




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mike g. posted:

Joe, I just read your whole thread and WOW! Great work, where do you get the base for tis or do you make it also? Im guessing you just have motors laying around to put in there! LOL

The base? If you mean the drawings that I'm building from, they were in Model RR mag.

If you mean the frame and trucks, I scratch built the frame and the trucks are from a MTH Dash 8 ( I have 2 extra sets).

Thank you.

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