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I’ve shortened drawbars on a few engines. The early 0-8-0’s had a huge gap. I would just cut a piece out of the drawbar where it’s pretty straight. Pickup a piece of 1/2 wide brass strip. Drill holes to accept a 2mm threaded screw and drill corresponding holes in the brass strip. The brass needs to be tapped and basically would act as a nut. You could probably just hold it together with JB Weld. I just wouldn’t trust a butt joint.

I recently changed out a trailing truck for a different style. Should have been a direct swap. I had planned to shorten the drawbar anyways. For some reason I had to add a spacer to get more of an offset for the IR tether to line up. The picture below at least gives the idea of how to do it. Without seeing what your working on. It’s hard to give advice. If your handy you could always design a shorter one and have it 3D printed.



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