Moonman posted:

You've nearly completed it. The spring should bring some fun and train running.

Lang may yer lum reek.

Hi Carl, aye hopefully by early spring things'll be on the move !!  And long may your stack smoke too !!    ha ha !! nice one or "nice yin" as we say in Scotland 



Davy, I's say winter has arrived at the right time for you, you've earned a well deserved rest after moving tons of earth and stone,

Davy, I think with all the work you completed this year you deserve a break! You have been working your rear off to get where you are today! Great work!

Well I don't like seeing that, but we knew it was coming!  I agree with Carl's way of looking at it!  I will look forward to seeing completion

Hi  Guys, hope you all have a nice festive season, needless to say I ain't workin in the garden this Christmas eve......   heres a train making its way along the Scottish west coast earlier today......  Train passes through waves at Saltcoats in North Ayrshire

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Thanks for the Picture Davy! But man does it look COLD!

I hope you and your Family have a great Christmas and cant wait to see what you have in store for us next year!


That photo reminds me of being at Lake Erie during foul weather.  Glad I live 100 miles from shore!

Merry Christmas!

Hi Mark, in Scotland theres nowhere you can be 100 miles from shore. When you're central 30 odd miles one way you have the Irish sea/Atlantic ,30 miles the other its the North sea..

Davy Mac posted:

Hi Mark, in Scotland theres nowhere you can be 100 miles from shore. When you're central 30 odd miles one way you have the Irish sea/Atlantic ,30 miles the other its the North sea..

So true!!  My wife and I would love to visit Scotland someday when we retire, which won't be long.  We love the photos and are both of Scottish heritage.  Thank's for the reply!

DSCN4985DSCN4986DSCN4987Hi Guys, well yesterday we had a slight taste of milder weather which has to last for a couple of weeks apparently so the "spring-itch" got the better of me and I went out and made a wee start to the O scale project. One of the last things I did before downing tools at the back end of 2016 was to bring in a load of old slabs and rubble so yesterday I got a bit more of the build /trackbed formation  along the back fence backfilled and smoothed off with cement. I also got a bit done in the far left corner (looking out from the wee hut that is) so its now ready for dressing with stones and plants etc. Anyway was good to get back at it.I hope this mild weather keeps up .The earlier the start I get the more chance I have of gettin some trains running before the year's out. Busy with work over the weekend but next week I'm hopin to get pushed on day and daily. Pics attached. Two water columns and a coaling tower stand in the corner waitin for the day they are put in place,...will be a while yet  . Anyway,so begins 2017. 



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Hey Davy, Looks like a good start to the new year! I hope the weather hold off for you, cause I love to see your up dates!

Hi Mike, hope so, definately want to be seein some trains running this year . Mind you theres still a lot of work to be done. However upwards and onwards !!. 


Hey Davy Great to see you back posting . Looking forward to great happenings this year in your garden .  Always enjoy your news . Happy New Year mate !  Jim

You tell him Larry! Hey did you see the guy that was selling that we talked about got his hand slapped!

Hi Guys, well so much for my hopes of an early start,the mild weather has dissapeared again, back to Mr Frosty,..... hmmmmm..........  spring where are you


Hmmm... Looks like we are going back to winter here in Western Pennsylvania too!  Ah well, it is only fitting.  We need it to be cold on Groundhog Day so everyone can freeze in the wee hours of the morning waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.  A friend is making his 18th annual visit to the event!!

Well Davy, look at it the way, it will give you time to get that extra rest you need before starting. I know you will need it cause from the past it show once you get going it balls to the walls! Enjoy your rest!

Hi Guys, nothing to report on the garden project progress down to still unfavourable weather but found this really well shot footage of steam on the west highland line here in Scotland between Fort William and Mallaig from August 2016. Steam runs daily throughout the summer on this line. Some great shots of locomotive,train, and scenery....enjoy....


Hi Guys, well finally gettin a proper start made to gettin the garden finished and the trains up and runnin. Have been workin on a friends garden for a few weeks which is now finished so back in to my own place. These photos show how the alpine and other plants  have started to establish themselves in the main garden area. Have one last corner to finish plant and dress in the main garden.Also one more spill pool to install adjacent to where the G track tunnels thru the fence.  Hopefully will be posting progress pics regular again. DSCN5105DSCN5107DSCN5108DSCN5109DSCN5111


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Hello Davy,

Good to hear from you? It appears your efforts are showing results! What a wonderful place to relax.

Any weddings on the schedule?

Hey everyone, it's DAVY! Welcome back, things are looking just wonderful in your garden. Almost cant see the tracks, but I bet it will just be great looking with the trains running!

Hi Guys thanks for the welcomes back !.  Great weather today. After I posted I made a decent start to the final header pool. Will hopefully finish it tomorrow. Intend it to be  just about the right depth for the smaller wild birds to bathe in. Once I get that corner finished I'll be back into the O gauge layout in the back section. As for weddings Carl, yip, every weekend theres at least one,....hate wedding cake ...ha ha.  Heres me at my "work". 

Larry Sr. posted:

Wow Davy

That bride looks awful young for him. Of course if thats his car I understand. lol


Hi Larry, ha ha, no thats the bride's dad walkin her from the hired wedding car to the church.


Hi Guys, well heres yesterday's progress, Base of the last header pool cemented , still have to do the edges and overlay with butyl rubber,then a waterproof coat of cement and a final layer of flat stones. The water will spill from left to right in the pictures.DSCN5113DSCN5114


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Looking good Davy, just a little side question, did you use your wee hut this last winter?

mike g. posted:

Looking good Davy, just a little side question, did you use your wee hut this last winter?

Hi Mike, no, it's still as it was left ,still waitin for a door and internal finishing. But its for the O gauge line . First on the agenda is finishing the main garden of which theres just the left hand back corner I'm workin on right now, some topping off of the walling around the G scale line and some ballasting. Last job will be puttin safety sides on the lifting bridge section of the G scale line as I don't want a loco derailing and taking a dive onto the concrete. Once thats all done I can start running the G scale. The O gauge line and area still needs a load of work but should take shape quite quick if I get the weather with me.



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Just been doin some cement and stone work on the spill pool this mornin. Need to wait for the cement to set before I do the next bit. You can see the basin takin shape.DSCN5116DSCN5117 


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