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Hi Guys ,well after a long break from the garden railway-build and with winter just round the corner I'm finally gettin a chance to do a bit more to things before the cold weather shuts down things till the spring. For the last few weeks I've been totally preoccupied re-hashing my old mother's place which was in a sorry ,run down and weed strewn state. Heres a couple of pics of the place then and now. Her new downstairs ground floor extension now well under way




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Anyway, about the only  positive thing  thats happened over the summer with my own garden is that the wee trackside area that I got planted out with miniature trees and creepin plants has matured quite nicely. Today am workin on finishing stonework . Would be nice to get things pushed on a good bit before next spring. Bought a few nice wee trees and stuff so with a bit of luck I might get them planted trackside before the year's outDSCN5478DSCN5481DSCN5479


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Mark Boyce posted:

Wow!  You were busy!  Looks like a different place!!

Hi Mark, busy's the word, at my mother's place I had to finish the back garden before the extension work began .It involved demolishing my father's old brick garage .(99%) of which I buried under the new place.I also imported 16 tons of crushed rock,also used tons of sand and cement and ornamental chips. Laid/relaid about 100 concrete slabs. etc.,etc., the rockeries in front of the porch are planted with perrenial alpines ,so low maintenance will be the order of the day. Just the grass to cut pretty much . Once the builders are finished the extension there will be a decked area off it so ma old girl can sit out on nice days . I'll finish her decking area out with the same kinda flower box type fencing that I did in my own place.Heres my builder mates Chris ,Gareth and Colin happy at their work the other day... lolDSCN5467



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That's a lot you did for Mum!  We had to move my Mum and Dad to a personal care home this summer, but have the empty house, out buildings, and 4 acres to maintain.  Dad was hoping my brother would move in, but he works over 150 mile away, is younger than me, and couldn't get a high enough paying job in the area at his age to carry him through until he can afford to retire.  I had hoped it would work for one of the grandchildren, even just temporary.  So my sister, brother-in-law, and I am looking after the place for now.

On to your back yard railroad!  The roadbed by the fence looks good.  You have worked hard for Mum, so I hope you get some good weather before winter to make some progress of your own!

Hi Guys, hope you all had a nice Xmas and New Year,  dealing with me old mother's senile dementia 24/7 and other life priorities  unfortunately  haven't allowed me any room at all for the railway hobbies lately so nothing to report ,just hopin things'll change for the better in the not too  distant future and hopefully along with some good weather too so I can get the garden railway complete. Hope you are all in good health and have a great 2018.    Davy 


Summerdale Junction posted:

Good hearing from you Davy . I hope this new year brings you some peace and joy . It's not easy being a caregiver . I've been in your shoes and I do not envy what you are facing . That's why its called "The Long Goodbye".

It's good that you have your garden to help take your mind off of things when the weather gets better . 


Hi Jim, long goodbye for sure. Its heavy goin. My mother and an old aunt are both in advanced stages of dementia and have no quality of life , they'd be far better passing away sooner than later. We wouldn't let an animal suffer in similar circumstances but modern medicine and healthcare keeps some old folks goin beyond what would be a natural time to pass on. But hey is what it is .... just need to make the best of it.  Upwards and onwards !! 


Hi Guys, well my mother fell and broke her hip and that was  the beginning of the end for her ,she passed away last week and her funeral is this Thursday. She made it to 90 though and all in all had a good long life . Sad she's gone but glad too that she's at rest because her quality of life latterly was very poor with no prospects of improvement.......

On the trains front,just saw this you-tube film of the latest 1/32nd scale loco products from Germany.... best ****ed sound and smoke I've ever seen...... WOW ...


Condolences on your loss.    A difficult time that will be made better by the memories.

For all to remember:  As you plan for the what will happen to your trains after your passing (in your will, presumably), it's well to think about all those end-of-life possibilities (such as life support, etc.) and make WRITTEN your wishes. 

It's a good discussion to have with your health provider   -----   sooner rather than later.


Hi Guys, ah well still waitin for the winter weather to turn to spring so I can get on with the garden railway again.  However if any of you guys like steam locos as first preference heres a film of the last "real" workaday steam in europe. This coal mine in Bosnia is still using a few German built "Kriegslok" (war locomotives) BR 52 2-10-0 (although renumbered by the Bosnians as their  class 33 type )  some great footage of them working last year.Sound is great . Theres also footage of one working a modern container train,so I don't know what the story is with this ?.... I take it the loco has been hired out or is on loan to the Bosnian state railways for the day ?  ,whatever WW2 steam still in action in 2017 and as far as I'm aware is still the case now that we're into 2018.    Enjoy ....


Davy Mac posted:

Hi Guys, well my mother fell and broke her hip and that was  the beginning of the end for her ,she passed away last week and her funeral is this Thursday. She made it to 90 though and all in all had a good long life . Sad she's gone but glad too that she's at rest because her quality of life latterly was very poor with no prospects of improvement.......


Hi Davy. I'm very sorry for the loss of your mother. My prayers are with you and your family.

Hi Guys, well after another pretty long break I'm finally back at the garden project.With my mother passin away ,dealing with all that and a VERY long winter this year I've had next to no time to myself and garden work has been impossible. Spring was a long time comin this year,with plenty snow and hard frosts,however the sun's shinin again so I'm back into things. Started work today on the back left hand corner scenic work. Will need to get back up the river yet again for more stone to get the trackside scenic stuff finished.  Shouldn't take so long with a bit of decent weather on-side. Forecast for the rest of this week is pretty good so ..."make hay while the sun shines". The ground huggin plants and small trees are doin their thing nicely on the trackside run along the flower planter fence. Can't wait to see the trains running along there.The alpine plants  I planted in the main garden have fairly spread as well.  Anyway guys good to be back. Hope you are all well and doin good. DSCN5919DSCN5920DSCN5921DSCN5922DSCN5923  Davy 


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Mark Boyce posted:

Yes Davy, I hope you can get trains running too!  I understand about weather permitting.  Here in Western Pennsylvania we had a late spring, and now that it has gotten warmer we have had mostly rain!  Next thing you know the leaves will be falling. (I have dreams about that this time of year; I wake up in the dream, and it's fall already!

Hi Mark, we had a long cold winter this year, the ski resorts in the Scottish highlands  did great because they had a great ski-ing season. The Scottish mountains ain't all that high,highest around four and a half thousand feet, so mild winter weather is a killer for the ski guys but this year they got snow and hard frost right thru the season so they were delighted. Everybody else was glad to see the back of the winter this year. Right now we're gettin beautifull sunny weather. How long it'll last is anybody's guess but we'll just make the best of it while it's here.  . 6.15 AM just about to head up the river and get more stone for the scenic work. Picture attached shows what it was like much of this winter. DSCN5709



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