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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

Hi Guys ,well was able to test waterfall 1 this morning. Running perfectly as planned. There will be a second one to the right and lower down . So pleased that my pre-estimation of the route of the flow was right for its a bandit if it turns out not as hoped for. Anyway,well pleased. Should be finished the whole pond project by tomorrow !! 


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Hi Larry, glad you're enjoying the trip .... a lot's been done but still a lot to do and the train works  ain't even started  ,this is the last good day for a while according to the weather forecast so trying to get as much done as possible before the rain strikes tomorrow...still,can't complain.... weather's been excellent for a few weeks.  just stopped for a breather.... better get back out there and get on with it  


Hi Guys, been busy with other must-do's however managed to get a bit of the new back fence erected and have lifted most of the O gauge track and laid some G scale in its place. The G circuit will be single track with passing sidings. The O scale layout will be on the back raised strip which I;ve made a start to clearing..... not that you'd know it !! ha ha DSCN4486DSCN4487DSCN4488DSCN4489 


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Hi Guys,well despite a very damp day I pushed on and pretty much completed the new back fence.The post man also turned up with my new PIKO G gauge (estimated about 1/26th scale...its BIG) German BR24 2-6-0 I just bought. Beautifull beast. Luv it. Just a wee bit fencing to be done next to my neighbours place on the left hand side.Then I can get on with the back strip where the O gauge layout will now be.



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Hi Guys, late shot tonight,back fence finally finished and have a good start made to re-laying the G gauge track,all the O gauge now lifted., re-gauged the turntable to G scale tonight too.I need to lay the G scale line first to see how I go for clearances/heights etc., to pitch the new O scale layout . The O gauge will bridge the G scale at two points.DSCN4501DSCN4502DSCN4503 


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Hi Guys, well onto the final section now.Decided to split the back section where the O gauge layout will be off from the rest of the garden with a double sided fence topped off with flower troughs. The O gauge layout will be layed about just under waist height on external plywood boards covered in torch-on mineral felt. I'll attach the boards to the fences to complete the circuit. Certainly won't be so scenic as originally planned but will take shape a whole lot quicker. I might go for three or four track  running. Anyway,we'll see. Heres the latest progress... intermediate fence under construction...DSCN4512DSCN4513DSCN4514DSCN4515DSCN4516 


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Hi Guys, weather ain't been the best the last wee while and also been busy makin a living,however things still progressing. Built a raised rose-bed for my wife as she's been nagging me for ver near 40 years to have roses in the garden,so I gave finally in  Have also pushed on with the new fence a bit and have done a wee bit more stonework at the pond. DSCN4518DSCN4519DSCN4520



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Thanks Larry, I got about halfway along the inside of the new dividing fence boarded this mornin but heavy rain stopped play. Once I get that done I'll clear my feet in that back section and see what my options are. Have a few ideas  rattlin round my head. However I need to check measurements, maximum curvatures possible etc.,  anyway we'll see. Still have some finishing work to do to the front lower area. So still a fair old bit of work to be done yet.   


Hi Guys,well spent yesterday buildin myself a bench above the pond. Sheltered from the sun in the middle of the day but in full sun later in the day. Made sure to make it broad enough and long enough for a comfy snooze. Also a good place to sit and watch the fish or read a book. Other than that have done a bit more fence painting. Hopefully will finish that tonight. DSCN4531DSCN4532 


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Hi Guys, managed to get  the back section's fencing completed and painted ,  a tidy up and clear my feet a bit . This will be the home of the O gauge layout . The route of the G scale road bed will be altered a bit towards the rear fence so it takes up less space.  The locomotive in the second picture is my latest addition to my Piko G collection. Deutsche Reichsbahn BR64 2-6-2 tank. DSCN4534DSCN4535


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Hi Guys, well making a living and inclement weather haven't helped with progress the last few days ,however have pushed the G scale track laying on a bit. The trackbed was laid with double track running in mind however now only single track will be in situ on the G scale line. The G scale on this section will be very much visually secondary to the O gauge once it and its accompanying scenic work is in place.  DSCN4542


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Hi Guys,well after a few days off the garden work makin a living I'm back at the garden. Started work this morning on the new O gauge layout. Just a few blocks laid .The O gauge will bridge the G scale at this point I laid a bit of track on the blockwork for the pics just to give you a idea of where this is goin. It will be at least another block high then I'll cement track fixing timber slats on top. Coating the bottom of the fence with bitumin as that portion of the fence will be out of access for repainting in future once the scenic work is done.  DSCN4549DSCN4550


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